Dollhouse: Epitaphs #3 preview – Alpha and Trevor continue the search for Echo!!!

Georges Jeanty Dragon Con panel – The artist from Buffy: Season Eight and Nine hints at a new love interest for our favorite Slayer and comments about Willow’s new girlfriend. Jeanty also mentioned that Kennedy’s line, “Happy now?” in the last issue of Season Eight was meant to break the fourth wall, given the fan hate present for that character.  The artist also stated that Willow will have her own limited series, and that Joss convinced him that Giles needed to die to stay relevant.

– MTV must have a friend with The Powers That Be or a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart, because they have an advanced review of Buffy: Season Nine #1!!! (So far, the verdict looks good on Season Nine!)

– If you dig the Buffy and Dollhouse: Epitaphs comics this week, make sure to learn more about the writer, Andrew Chambliss, in his interview on the Dark Horse Comics Facebook page! 

What is #mybuffylife??? An uber-kewl Buffy contest from Buffyfest and Dark Horse Comics!  The winner receives the entire collection of Season Eight trade-paperbacks, as well the hardcover of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tales, and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer lunch box.


– I’ve always tried to be nice to the Twilight franchise and told myself that the concept of a vampire/human romance is in no way an original idea attached to Buffy. Still, it’s $#@% like this Twilight: Breaking Dawn poster (compared to the Jo Chen cover from Buffy: Season Eight #34) that makes me hear, “RIP OFF!!!” yelled very loudly in the back of my mind.


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