Now that Brady (Sean Hemeon) and Cheeks (Brad Bell)  have decided to make this marriage work, they get help from their party girl friend, Haley, played with gusto by Alessandra Torresani. She finally makes her first appearance in episode five, holding a very big champagne glass. She says she is excited by their decision, and wants to be their surrogate mom. For now, though, she wants to be their life coach. She hopes Brady won’t be so controlling, and that Cheeks won’t try to dare the world not to like him. First off, she asks who will move in with whom? Brady decides to move in with Cheeks. She then suggests that they also get a photo shoot of the ceremony. Brady also suggests buying furniture, while Cheeks suggests getting a dog, and maybe a dungeon.
In episode 8, the honeymoon is over, and it’s time for the guys to settle down to married life. While there is love between them, they are nervous…just like any married couple. It starts with the little things, like where Brady will have his stuff or how soft the bed is. Cheeks thinks about what being together means, like him being with all the other baseball wives while Brady goes to see Cheeks’ cabaret act. Brady says it means driving each other to the eye doctor, or being nice to each other’s brothers (except Brady’s brothers are Mormon). They’re really trying, but you can see they are unsure about this. It ends with both men hugging and Brady saying “Let’s just be right now.” They’ll need Haley again.
Even though these episodes are two minutes each, they pack a lot of good lines and character development, even as much as the typical TV sitcom episode. If you’re late to this series, you can catch up at New episodes arrive at 10 AM Pacific every Tuesday and Thursday.
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