The six-part series is based on the DragonAge video games. Here’s a link to the first episode. It takes place in a world were the Chantrys and Qunari battle over the control of magic, with mages taking sides. Day plays Tallis, who works for the Qunari. When we first meet her, she is trying to slaughter a pig while saying “Victory is in the Qun”. She gets heckled by a couple of guys, and they get a flying cleaver for their trouble.

Then a mage assigns Tallis the task of finding Saarebus, played by Doug Jones from Buffy and Pan’s Labyrinth. Apparently, he has escaped from a Chantry prison, and is trying to get some information. She is told not to fail…or else. As she heads towards her task, she helps a tinker elf but also runs into a templar from the Chantry who is surprised by Tallis’ skill, and what is happening. If you’ve only seen Day as Codex, or even in the recent SyFy movie Red, you’ll be surprised by how tough an assassin she can be. Judging from the trailer, Tallis and the Templar will be joining up on this mission, along with a few others. Click here to see the series trailer…

The series is from Knights of Good Productions, who also makes The Guild. Day also wrote the series while Kim Evey (who also produced The Guild is also one of the co-producers for this series.

Along with the series, there is a DragonAge downloadable content game called Mark of the Assassin, where Tallis has to find a rare jewel that is hidden in a very difficult place to get through.


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