NBC is going all out to promote its fairy tale police drama, Grimm. It recently gave out special codes to those who have followed @NBCGrimm to let people see the pilot. It’s already in the middle of a ten-city tour featuring cast members and writers. It is hoping to be successful, since it has a bit of Buffy and Angel DNA in the form of executive producer David Greenwalt. He, along with Jim Kouf, Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner created the series.

The show is about Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli), a cop who is starting to see strange beings in the streets of Portland. He’s told by his dying Aunt Marie that he is descended from tha group of demon hunters known as Grimms, after the famous fairy tale brothers. Apparently those stories about Big Bad Wolves, enchanted frogs and dwarves aren’t so imaginary.

It may sound like the day Buffy Summers was told that she has a destiny. In this show, though, we see Nick try to wrap his head around this unusual legacy. When he looks through his aunt’s trailer, he finds a collection of old books describing the demons that exist, and weapons that may have been owned by a vampire with a soul at some point. Nick gets help from a reformed wolf creature named Monroe, played by Silar Weir Mitchell. Monroe steals scenes every time he’s on screen. He’s amused by how Nick’s struggling with his destiny. He might be somewhere between Buffy’s Watcher Giles and Angel’s demon friend Doyle. According the the @NBCGrimm Twitter page, fans can expect a variable of the Pied Piper and Three Little Pigs stories, and maybe a nod to a girl with a stake.

Aside from battling creatures, Nick may also have stiff competition from the CW’s Supernatural, especially the demon-hunting Winchester Brothers, and Fox’s Fringe at the Friday 9 PM hour. NBC is hoping the tour, and sneak previews, will get people to try it out. More is available at nbc.com/Grimm. Also, a longer preview of the show on the Grimm site and other websites starting Friday. It’s already available On Demand at several cable companies.

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