he arrived after his own event involving a reading of “Shampoo”.  Though this was Ellison’s show, Ellison plugged Oswalt’s latest movie, “Bad Fan”, Oswalt’s book, “Zombie Spaceship Wasteland” and complained that Oswalts jokes “hurt” because Ellison was laughing so hard.

“Seriously, don’t f***ing die.” Quipped Oswalt.  “It would be really awkward at Comic Con this summer.”

Patton Oswalt has also done introductions to a couple of Ellison’s books.

Just before the video begins, Ellison had stepped out to the restroom.  Upon returning, he began eating from a container of popcorn while he was onstage.  When Oswalt joined him, Ellison offered Oswalt some popcorn, but Oswalt refused on the basis of knowing where Ellison’s hands had just been.  Of course, their version onstage was a bit less PG.  As the video begins, Oswalt and Ellison are still discussing Oswalt refusing the popcorn.  Enjoy.

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