The story is about Tallis, an Elvin assassin who hopes to get in the good graces of the Qunari by capturing a rogue mage who wants a certain mask to aquire power. He is joined by a Chantry Templar named Cairn (Adam Rayner), a Reaver named Nyree (Marcia Battise) and a Dalish Elf named Josmahel (Masam Holden), who has a spcial power that could decide the battle.
It’s great to see Day, best known for Dr. Horrible and the Guild, as a take-charge hero. Doug Jones, known to fans of Buffy and Pan’s Labyrinth, is downright menacing as Saarebus. It may have been done on a webseries budget, but its production values are impressive.
The DVD has all six episodes that you can see individually, or all in a row. You can also seem them with commentary from Day and director David Winther. The extras include behind-the-scenes featuettes on the cast, and how they were able to recreate the DragonAge universe. There’s a gag reel featurng Saarebus skipping happily with his henchmen, and trailers from all DragonAge games that have been released.
The DVD is available through Amazon. You can also get it through Amazon Instant Video
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