The Good:
Here’s the plan!!!
I’ll leave out the details, but this issue lays out a lot, including details regarding Angel’s quest to resurrect Giles and how Drusilla reached her less-than-psychotic state. While finally getting some specifics is great, the real joy here is how captivating the scenes between Drusilla and Angel are. Watching Angel deal with a fully-aware Drusilla my be some of the most poignant material we’ve seen in Angel & Faith yet! Kudos to both Isaacs and Gage for bringing their A-game to the table! We also get a pretty good idea of what brought Faith’s daddy to town by the end of the issue.
So, that Connor guy… We haven’t heard much of Angel’s son, but I can promise that he gets a little focus in this issue. It’s probably not enough for the Connor-lovers out there and way too much for the haters, but, in my opinion, it’s a brilliant little addition to the issue.

The Bad:
No IDW connection.
The biggest problem here is that I can confirm that Dark Horse continues to, for the most part, ignore the events of the IDW Angel comics. Many fans thought the Drusilla’s newfound sanity might tie into her stay at the Mosaic rehab facility.  Spike left her in their care in Brian Lynch’s Spike miniseries, which tied directly into Buffy: Season 8 and even featured a guest appearance by our favorite red-headed witch. To not tie these two stories together even more just seems like a mistake and reeks a bit of petty company red-tape or resistance.

That wraps things up, Scoobies! I have to go hunt down my next human sacrifice for our next advance review. In the meantime, don’t miss out on Angel & Faith #7. This series is one of the best comics currently out there, and any Angel fan would have to be missing their soul in order to not be joining the cause.
’Till the end of the world,
-Bryant the Comic Book Slayer

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