WonderCon 2012: Felicia Day Has a New Network

Felicia Day was joined by fellow Guild co-hort WIl Wheaton, Mike Richardson of Dark Horse comics, producer Kim Evey, and Veronica Belmont and Tom Merrit of the Sword and Laser podcast. They talked about what fans will be seeing in this new YouTube Channel. They include:
The Flog, where Felicia does some unusual things such as milking a cow or flying on the trapeze
Season five of The Guild, plus the promise of re-edited seasons into movies, plus annotated episodes
Dark Horse Motion Comics, which will include The Umbrella Academy, The Goon and The Secret
Written by a Kid, featuring stories written by, well, kids
TableTop, with Wil Wheaton showing people how to play popular board games
Sword and Laser, which features authors of fantasy books
Learning Town, where musical group Paul and Storm try to revive their favorite educational show…with strange results
Day is very excited about this new venture, as are her partners including Guild producer Kim Evey. Some of them were seen with Geek and Sundry t-shirts, with a lively green logo in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. While the first slate of shows is small, Day hopes it will be the start of a bigger online channel. “Each show to me is something that everybody can enjoy in a way that’s a little bit deeper than just watching something.” Felicia hopes her show can inspire someone to do something different, while Wheaton hopes his show can get people to play board game, Dark Horse can get people to check out comics they never read before, and Belmont hopes her show can attract people to fantasy books and authors. As Evey put it, “this is the gateway channel.”
Wheaton also talked about how he had to get used to being a producer of his own show, and how quickly one can make changes, compared to a longer process in traditional TV shows.
Geek and Sundry’s YouTube channel is live with a trailer, and will be open for business on April 2nd.As of Monday, March 19th, nearly 39 thousand subscribers have signed up. You can, too, andf should. More details about Geek and Sundry can be found at the channel’s site.
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