Run From The Walking Dead Zombies At Comic-Con

As a Survivor, you will be challenged to go through an obstacle course that requires you to walk, climb, crawl and slide your way through hordes of undead to reach the Evacuation Zone. There’s no timer and it’s not a race, but no one ever escaped zombies by taking a leisurely stroll, either. Plan on 35-50 minutes to go through the course, with Survivor waves beginning every 20 minutes.

If you join as a Walker, you’ll get zombiefied by professionals and be one of the undead masses trying to infect the Survivors. Spectators will watch the horror unfold from the safety of the Escape Party.

All Survivors and Walkers will receive an exclusive Special Edition of the 100th issue The Walking Dead, which hits comic stores on July 11. Spectators will get a poster of the 100th issue.

For more information and tickets, go to or

The Walking Dead Escape

July 12-14, 2012

Petco Park, San Diego


Survivor: $70 to June 9, $80 to July 10, $90 walk up, if available

Walker: TBA–see site to request email invite (limited)

Spectator Party: TBA

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