Now It’s Confirmed – 10th Anniversary Firefly Panel @San Diego Comic-Con [edit 6/28]

In addition to Tim and Joss (of course Joss!), the whole cast is scheduled to be in attendance plus Michael Fairman (bad-guy Niska).   Browncoats and Whedonites will be taking over Ballroom 20 (approx 4500 seats) on Friday, July 13 at 12:30 p.m  Back in 2005 the Serenity panel (pre-release) was held in Hall H (6000+ seats) where it overflowed.  It’ll be interesting to see how early the line starts to form. [edit 6/28 – Jewel Staite just tweeted that she can not attend as she will be attending the London Film and Comic Con]
The hourlong panel will also feature never-before-seen footage along with what Science is billing as “numerous buzz-worthy surprises”.  Special collectible bags featuring Firefly and the other shows that Science Channel is bringing to the Con, including  Dark Matters: Twisted But True and How Stuff Works.

Science Channel (part of Discovery Network) has been very smart in this writer’s opinion, growing their viewership with genre series such as Firefly and Fringe (starts on May 20th) while SyFy Channel is leaving their roots behind by cancelling profitable shows like Eureka and replacing with reality shows and wrestling.

“As a network, Science has one foot in the planetarium and the other in Comic-Con. This venue is the Mecca for creativity and inspiration that can spark a great work of art or the next scientific breakthrough,”Science GM and executive vp Debbie Adler Myers said. “From Joss, Nathan and our amazing Firefly panel, to John Noble and Dark Matters, to Josh and Chuck; our panels reflect the programming on Science — totally diverse but all whip-smart, hugely entertaining, lean-forward television.”


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