Chris Hardwick runs the final quarter-mile leg to end the five-day relay

Even before Comic-Con officially began, San Diego was the center for a very special event honoring Star Wars and raising more than $100,000.00 for a good cause.

Comedian and internet icon Chris Hardwick came up with an interesting idea a few months back: organize a Star Wars Lightsaber relay from Santa Monica to Comic-Con in San Diego to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s the Jedi Knights’ answer to the Olympic Torch relay being held in some small country with a Queen or something.

Chris Hardwick and R2-D2

It became known as the Course of the Force, and  turned out to be very popular. It attracted hundreds of fans, and even some celebrities like Zachary Levi and Drew Carey. Relay spectators also saw an interesting vehicle: a replica of Jabba the Hut’s Pleasure barge, Princess in bikini not included.

Jabba’s Pleasure Barge

Hardwick himself carried the final lightsaber Wednesday afternoon at San Diego’s Balboa Theater to a cheering crowd. He talked to some of the Make-A-Wish kids who were part of the event. People who were there also got limited edition Lightsabers, and heard great music from The Dan Band.

Even though the relay is over, the Course of the Force isn’t over yet. It will be raising more money through special eBay auctions for incredible prizes. You can learn more at The website features race highlights, links to eBay auctions, and swag for purchase.

The relay was a perfect way to kick off this year’s Comic-Con which will be highlighted by the final Twilight panel for Breaking Dawn Part 2, panels honoring milestones reached by some of Joss Whedon’s most famous shows, and previews of several highly anticipated movies and TV shows.

It’s also the only place where you can see Batman and his many Batmobiles over the decades…

On display at Comic-Con, “The Tumbler” Batmobile

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