SDCC 2012: Wilfred Cast Signing and Panel

by Tafriha Ahmed

L-R: Jason Gann, Elijah Wood, Randall Einhorn, Fiona Gubelman, Dorian Brown, David Zuckerman

The main cast attended Comic-Con this year to promote season 2. Joining their fans were stars Elijah Wood (Ryan), writer/actor Jason Gann (Wilfred), Fiona Gubelmann (Jenna), Dorian Brown (Kristen), writer David Zuckerman and director Randall Einhorn. A few lucky fans who patiently waited all morning got to meet the cast and get autographs. I had the luck of the draw to be one of the last ones to make it into the stand-by line for the signings. The cast were more than pleased to meet their fans. One dedicated viewer even dressed up as Wilfred in a dog suit.

Dorian Brown, Elijah Wood, Jason Gann
Dorian Brown

Following the signing was the panel. An upcoming episode, “Avoidance”, was showcased to the room of over 2,000 people, and included several scenes that would not be shown on the broadcast TV version. After the screening and the moderated Q&A, the fans had their turn to ask questions.

Elijah Wood

When asked what it was like working with Jason Gann and trying to treat him like a dog, Elijah Wood stated during all of Season 1 he did not break character and laugh at his co-star. However, once they started filming the first episode of Season 2, he was no longer able to keep a straight face. Elijah also said that he would continue to be a sport and do most of the crazy things they give him in the script.

Fiona Gubelmann

There are a few new key points to the show that were given by the panel. Without really giving spoilers for the new season, Ryan (Elijah Wood) loses his job and it doesn’t end well. Turns out that the character Bear is not female but is in fact, male. David Zuckerman said that he really doesn’t want to give away the ending just yet, but it will be one of the times when half of the audience will approve and the other half will be upset with the explanation of what Wilfred actually is.

This was one hilarious panel to attend. Watch Wilfred on FX to see if they ever give out Wilfred’s true identity.

Wilfred airs Thursdays on FX at 9/8c.

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