beastieThis was equal parts grisly and hilarious. Grisly, obviously because it showed rats eat someone. *wince* And hilarious because, well it was.

While it still followed it’s crime drama format, this episode was really all about seeing the reaction the creatures of the world have to a Grimm. It also demonstrates what kind of people Grimms usually are and what reasons an organization of Reapers might have for trying to take them out. (Besides an excuse for carrying around those awesome scythes.)

Grimms apparently tend to be kill now, ask questions later types. And it’s kinda weird that Nick could have been raised by such people and have no idea how ruthless they could be. But then, we don’t know how old Nick was when his parents died, and creepy Aunt Marie was clearly keeping up the sweet librarian act.

It also showed a friendship growing between Nick and Monroe, as well as show Nick’s leaning more toward his life as a Grimm. He didn’t go home to his girlfriend, and he turned down drinking with his partner so that he could hang out with Monroe instead; someone he doesn’t have to hide things from.

It also has Juliette curious about the reaction a repairman, who was some kind of beastie, had to Nick. I wonder how long that’s gonna take to blow up. And also how long it’s gonna take before Nick proposes. He bought that ring during episode one and we haven’t even heard mention of it since.

While Nick was out not drinking with his partner, his partner was getting set up with Adalind (Miss Hexenbiest). The setup, of course, being arranged by the good Captain Renard. This is gonna be fun when Nick finds out. This also seems to play to my theory that the captain is planning a trap for Nick to fall into.

Side note: It occurs to me that this show is really morbid. And I like it!Nick

What have we learned?: Grimms are typically ruthless and feared, Reinigen (rat-like beasties) are the Pied Piper in fairy-tales, and Nick has forgotten all about wanting to propose to Juliette.

What’s going to happen?: I think that Nick is going to end up with enemies on both Team Reaper and Team Grimm, since I’m sure it’s not typical Grimm behavior to try to help Reinigen, let alone befriend Blutbaden. Also, I was right about Nick being forced into a civil coexistence with Adelind, gonna be interesting to see how long it lasts. The question is not whether he’ll end up killing her, but whether it will be in front of Hank. That’s my theory anyway.

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