My first question about this episode is: How high was that guy? The first scene shows a guy (Brad William Henke) walk outside his house right before it explodes and all he says is, “Bummer.”

Anyway, it’s the three little pigs, but this time, it’s a pig, a Bauerschwein (Daniel Roebuck) to be exact, who destroys the houses of three Blutbaden.

This episode serves as a good lesson in beastie politics. Throughout the episode Nick tries to reconcile his responsibilities as a cop with his responsibilities as a Grimm and a friend. Lines are starting to get blurred and things are starting to get complicated.

As it turns out, the Bauerschwein is getting revenge for past wrongs, and in the Grimm tally book, I’m pretty sure it weighs in the pig’s favor. But in the cop’s opinion, they’re both wrong. And to be a good friend would be to take the wolve’s side. So Nick is clearly torn, wanting to do right on all accounts.

At one point, the Bauerschwein says to Nick, “Our families have never been enemies. You should know that.” Actually, he doesn’t. Ouch. Just another moment that Nick is reminded that, because his family never taught him, he’s a little bit out of his depth. The feeling of a need to compensate definitely isn’t helping the matter, either.

What we didn’t see from this episode were Miss Hexenbiest, the Reaper agnenda, and whether Juliette is seeing any more suspicious things. We also have yet to see that engagement ring. I’m wondering if Nick is going to be forced to give up his love just like his aunt said he would.

One thing that was nice to see in this episode was more of Monroe. Up to this point he’s just been used to prattle off story projecting information or for a bit of comic relief, so it was good to see him throughout the episode and learn a bit about his past. And it’s good to meet a past love interest, Angelina (Jaime Ray Newman). It really gives you a sense of how wild Monroe was and how tightly wound he’s become.

What have we learned?: Nick still has a lot to learn. Not just about individual beasties, but about how they interact with each other.

What’s going to happen?: I think in the future, Nick will face another such situation testing his loyalties, except this time he will have to choose: cop, Grimm, or friendship. And I hope that Angelina makes her way back into the mix. Just to further shake up Nick’s already shaken world.

Agree with my theories? Am I totally overlooking something? Let me know in the comments below!

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