Oh my god! Everything was calm. One minute we were saving little (and ok, kind of murderous), Blutbad girls, the next Nick is getting beat up! I am far more upset by this than I think is necessary. But I mean, Nick has been pretty invincible so far, and then hospitalized!

Ok. I’ve taken a few deep breaths. Let’s talk about the episode.

A super-bad Ogre– well, I guess a regular Ogre, they just happen to be super-bad– escapes out of jail and is after Hank and all the people responsible for putting him there. Hank is the last one he needs to cross off his “people to murder” list. Hank, being all macho and vengeful, goes off to have his show down instead of heading for a trap set for the Siegbarste (which is the proper name for Ogre). Luckily for Hank, Nick sends Monroe (because Nick is in the hospital!) to give Hank the special Siegbarste gun with it’s specially poison-dipped bullets.

Ok, first of all (for me anyway), Nick was hurt! I know why I’m having the big reaction. He’s come up against quite a few different things, including Blutbaden which are quite formidable, and has done so calmly and confidently and won every time with barely a scratch. And then, in his own home, he gets trounced. Like I said, he’s been all but invincible up until this point. It’s a bit of a shock to see him get beat up.

The one cool thing about Nick in the hospital is, even when bedridden, he isn’t truly immobilized. He doesn’t whine or feel sorry for himself. He even tries to get up a few times, but it hurts too much. So he calls Monroe, because, as I mentioned earlier, he’s a formidable beastie. And because they’re friends and he trusts him. He must, to have sent him to his creepy Aunt Marie’s creepy secret trailer.

So, in what I’m sure is the first time in history, a Blutbad does Grimm work. And even though Monroe is doing it out of friendship (and, of course, to do the right thing and save a life), he still has a few moments of inner conflict since he’d been raised to think Grimms are evil. It makes me wonder if he’s going to start having a more active role in helping Nick in the future. It would be awesome if he became a full-fledged sidekick.

And now Captain Renard knows that someone used a Siegbarste killing gun, but since Nick was at the hospital at the time, he doesn’t know it belongs to him. All for the best. Let the bastard be worried about having two Grimms in town. Especially since my suspicious mind suspects him of being somehow responsible for the Siegbarste jailbreak, knowing that Nick would be in the line of fire from being Hank’s partner. (I apologize for my mind. It’s very prone to conspiracy theories.)

Despite all the actiony action, I still think my favorite scene of the episode is when Hank and Nick go to Monroe’s house and Monroe nearly gives away the fact that they’re friends, and then Nick pretends not to know where the mugs are. I just like the idea of them being friends. I’m basically shipping them on a non-romantic level.


But this charade leads me to another possible Grimm power. Nick seems to be able to lie with exceptional effectiveness. Some instances of his lying are more obvious than others, but he’s definitely got a knack for it. In fact, the only time he seems to break his calm is when he gets an unexpected question from Juliette (in episode 2 or 3), but quickly recovers once he thinks up a lie.

And while we’re talking about possible Grimm powers and Nick’s unshakable calm, I think there’s something to that. There are many moments when I’m expecting an emotional reaction, and instead Nick displays near detachment. I’m not talking about big emotional reactions, mind you; no sobbing or anything. But sometimes he seems rather unaffected considering the course of the conversation, or the grisly nature of his surroundings. And his calm is usually punctuated by one of Hanks reactions. And since Hank doesn’t have a lot of big, exuberant reactions, that’s saying something. In fact, between the fight with the Siegbarste and shooting his first Reaper, Nick hasn’t displayed much surprise at anything. He often looks interested or curious, but never taken aback.

Then again, Nick might just be a really chill guy.

What have we learned?: The Siegbarste sets Nick’s Grimm senses atingle, which means Nick has Grimm senses. He can sense a beastie from a bit of a distance, but it took the Ogre (and a few other beasties he’s encountered) until he was standing face to face with Nick before he realized he was a Grimm. So there’s some rules of proximity at play here.

What’s going to happen?: I’m worried that Hank is going to see Nick use the Siegbarste gun and start piecing things together. And since he’s dating Miss Adalind Hexenbiest, that is not good news. (Ok, so it still hasn’t been confirmed that there’s a relationship, but you know there’s a relationship.) And I think we’re going to be seeing more of what’s in the trailer, which I’m looking forward to. Also, now I’m not sure if Nick is still leaning toward proposing to Juliette, or leaving her for her own safety. Oh, and for the record, I stopped suspecting Juliette of being some kind of beastie since around episode 5. Just thought I’d finally mention it.

Were you as bothered by Nick’s beat-down? (Probably not.) Is Hank being primed to be recruited (or maybe used) by Team Reaper? Do you want Nick and Monroe to have a bromance? Tell me in the comments!

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