Does anybody else say to themselves “two by two, hands of blue” every time Nick and Hank are at a crime scene with their blue gloves on? No, just me? Ok…

First of all, I was all excited to see Amy Acker in this episode. And really, can you blame me?

Second, another of my “prophecies” came true. And rather later than I thought it would. Nick finally addressed the Wesen (which is the proper name for beasties, pronounced Vessen) and let them know he won’t harm them as long as they don’t try to harm him. Honestly, I thought he’d get around to that, like, five episodes ago. And I’m kind of miffed that they finally gave a proper name to the beasties. I mean, this is episode 11 and this tidbit of info should have been shared by episode 3. Especially since now I’m accustomed to calling them beasties. So don’t blame me when I use the terms interchangeably.

I feel like there’s not much to say about this episode. In comparison to last episode, where we learned all kinds of new things and got all kinds of creeped out, this episode was tame. I mean, sure, a spider-like beastie spewing acid and liquefying young men’s insides to then suck them out is pretty creepy when you think about it. Yet somehow, it’s just not as cringe-worthy as demon-like Wesen harvesting parts from un-anesthetized teenagers.

We also don’t get nearly as much Grimm bad-assery from Nick. Not like last episode where he was leading Wesen to believe he was willing to kill them left and right.

The one thing that was interesting about this episode is frienemy Captain Renard’s inaction. The Ferrat basically called him to say “don’t make me come over there, mister.” But he hasn’t done anything yet. Makes me wonder if he plans on harming Nick, or if he’s gonna deal with the Ferrat coming to town.

I’m hoping this episode just served as a chance to catch our breath before some crazy-gruesome Reaper battles next episode.
What have we learned?: beasties are called “Wesen,” and Captain Reaper isn’t intimidated by the Ferrat. At least not so far as we’ve seen.

What’s going to happen?: Obviously, those Ferrat are going to be a problem soon. Nick is gonna need to tell Juliette what he is. Captain Renard is hatching some kind of plan, though whether it will benefit Team Reaper or Team Grimm has yet to be seen. And Monroe will continue to be awesome.

So is Captain Renard hatching a master plan? Did this episode feel as tame to you as it did to me? Let’s chat in the comments!

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