So this episode we’ve got a mouse-like beastie and a snake-like beastie. And we’re supposed to think that it’s the snake-like beastie doing the killing, but I didn’t fall for that one. I erroneously thoughtit was someone from the same group that attacked Monroe. (A group attacks Monroe! Again, I am way more disturbed than I should be.) And every time we see a killing, the victim keeps turning into old men right before the killer kills them. And, in retrospect, I really think I should have figured out the significance of that before seeing mouse-like’s dead father, but you can’t win ‘em all I suppose.

The thing I noticed most in this episode was the fact that neither the Lausenschlange (snake-like) or the Maushertz (mouse-like) recognized Nick as a Grimm and both of them were in pretty close proximity. Although it is documented that the Lausenschlange can be pretty cocky and dense about such things. But still, I expected the Maushertz to notice.

Meanwhile, the group watching Nick’s house think that Juliette is a Grimm as well. This is actually good news. Not so much for Juliette, but it’s good that Team Reaper doesn’t necessarily have Grimm-dar (Grimm radar). Which, again, makes me wonder why some beasties can recognize Nick and what they see when they do.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how Nick is hiding his life as a Grimm from Juliette and the problems this is going to cause. Although I can’t imagine it exactly going too badly. Juliette seems like a sensible lady. I think she’d be cool with her boyfriend being a bad-ass beastie hunter. And what happened to that engagement ring anyway? Is Nick hiding it in the creepy trailer or what?

My favorite part of this episode, of course, was the very end. Monroe and Nick are friendsies! Squee! (Yep. I’m still non-romantic shipping them.) Nick is all, I’ll stop coming around so you don’t get hurt. *sad face* And Monroe is all, no worries, man, I’m a bad-ass, let’s hang. Did I already say squee? ‘Cause, squee!

And I’ve been wondering this for a while but haven’t mentioned it: how does the whole beastie human form thing work? Like, what are the mechanics of it? When the beasties change all the way, does that mean that normal people can see them as they are, or do normal people always see their human form? We need more information on this.
Side Note: It’s apparently this show’s unsung mission to use anyone who ever played on Lost.

What have we learned?: Monroe is a bad-ass (Ok, we already knew this, but can’t hurt to reiterate.), Team Reaper is on the scramble to intimidate Team Grimm, Team Reaper, as well as other beasties, don’t necessarily have Grimm-dar.

What’s going to happen?: We still haven’t seen Miss Hexenbiest (Adalind) or Grand Master Reaper (Captain Renard) plotting in a while, so we’re bound to see that soon. Which I am totally anticipating since I’m sure it will involve the relationship that is developing between Adalind and Hank. Juliette is gonna start seeing more weird stuff and Nick’s gonna have to reveal his Grimm side. Since trying to intimidate Team Grimm didn’t work, Team Reaper is probably gonna make more attempts to get things under control. Nick still hasn’t seen the guy he’s supposed to beware of (back in BeeWare, the Mellifer queen’s last words, remember?). So Nick should probably start running into problems caused by that guy. (He may or may not be Grand Master Reaper.)

What do you think Team Reaper’s next move is? How come some beasties don’t recognize Nick as a Grimm? And does Nick have to beware of the good Captain, or is someone else close? Leave your theories in the comments.

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