I feel so embarrassed for Captain Renard. I didn’t even know I was rooting for him until I had to watch him embarrass himself this episode.

So the whole thing is about these three coins that make you charismatic and… well they basically turn you into Hitler. Captain Renard got his hands on the coins and started having Third Reich dreams. Not the genocide part, just the people chanting his name and worshiping him part. Grimms, of course, are more resistant to the coins and therefore end up being their keepers.

I’d like to point out that, even when Captain Renard was coin-crazy with world domination fantasies, he still kept his control and has yet to reveal his Wesen identity.

Nick finally finds out more about his parents in this episode. They were custodians of the coins before him, and they were killed 18 years ago by Wesen trying to take them.

Now, let’s time out and do a little estimation math. If we assume Nick is about 30, then that means he was 10-12 when his parents died. That would make him still pretty young, but old enough, I think, to wonder what they were always doing so late at night and where they kept getting injuries. For that matter, I think he should have been more suspect of creepy Aunt Marie and where she always disappeared to. I mean, Nick has only been at this Grimm business for four months, but Juliette is already catching wind of something weird going on. Why was Nick so naive?

Anyway, Nick also finds creepy Aunt Marie’s ex-fiance who is now obsessed with the coins. It’s through him that Nick learns more about his parents. The Wesen that is trying to steal the coins now is one of the Wesen involved in his parents’ death. But when Nick demands details about his parents’ death from the Wesen as he lay dying, the Wesen is too obsessed with the coins to be of any use. Hank gets to witness Nick’s freak-out however, and although Nick moves on to the next thing to distract Hank, these weird instances are starting to pile up. I’m wondering how long it’s gonna be before Hank confronts him. Next episode? Episode after that?

And have you ever noticed how bossy Nick gets sometimes? He’ll just order Hank or Monroe to do something, and they just do it. He also orders Juliette to do stuff, but she always blatantly ignores him and does whatever she wants. Which is why I like her.

Speaking of Juliette, where was she getting her information? I mean, Google is awesome and all, but it’s not that great for getting the finer details about people’s past. And let me remind you, Juliette is not a cop, or a secret agent, or anyone who might have access to a database profiling people. Unless there’s something about veterinarians I don’t know.

What have we learned?: Nick’s parents died in a fight over the coins, Aunt Marie was engaged to a Wesen before she made a career of killing Wesen, and her family (ie. Nick’s parents) weren’t ok with her engagement.

What’s going to happen?: I definitely think their gonna save up Farley Kolt to pull him out on a rainy day. He could be useful for information later.

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