Dragons! Squee! Okay, calm deep breaths, and… Juliette still doesn’t know Nick’s a Grimm. W. T. F?

The writers are just messing with us now. ‘Cause that is ridiculous. Juliette was freakin’ kidnapped by freakin’ dragons, yet as far as she knows, it was just some fatal attraction chick and her crazy, kinda senile, homicidal father.

…Ok, having read back that sentence, being kidnapped by a fatal attraction chick and her crazy, kinda senile, homicidal father would be kind of traumatizing, but not as big a deal as freakin’ dragons! She basically was a freakin’ princess saved by her bad-ass prince, and she doesn’t even know it! Not to mention how she stayed calm and was looking for a way out, thereby being quite bad-ass herself the whole time. I’m pissed for Juliette’s sake. It’s just not fair to live a fairytale and not even know that you lived out a fairytale!

So the trouble all starts when an “arsonist” burns two guys to death. (And the arson investigator was played by a Baldwin. I love when Baldwins pop up in things. They all look alike and it’s just so random.) And Nick seems all but gleeful to be coming to look at dead bodies. Good job being creepy, Nick. And, of course, it’s a Wesen who’s causing all the trouble. I’d kind of like to see an episode where it’s a regular human who commits the crime and show Nick just being thrown off ’cause he’s so accustomed to dealing with Wesen crimes. But I digress.

Nick goes to find the Daemonfeur’s daughter, Dragon Girl tries to seduce him fatal attraction style and kidnaps Juliette, and he drags Monroe along for the rescue.

The one good thing about the crazy dragon girl trying to seduce Nick is that we got a few scenes with his shirt open. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind if he needed to remove his shirt for one reason or another from now on. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

And can I say that it was too funny watching Dragon Lady come on to Nick? I mean, he’s so stoic all the time. And then this lady totally throws him off. He’s just like, “I’m totally hot! How dare you hit on me!” I loved the mix of insult, disgust and disbelief on Nick’s face after Dragon Lady answered his phone.

Oh and Monroe. How I loved Monroe in this episode, let me count the ways. The way he casually drops the news to Nick that Reaper assassins coming for his head could show up any moment, just as an aside. How he spews historical knowledge like it’s a compulsion. And how Nick looks like he wants to punch him in the face for it. So adorable.

And just a quick side note: When Nick is following Dragon Lady home, he keeps his headlights on. You could kind of notice his car from two blocks away. That just doesn’t seem very stealthy, is all I’m saying. And again I point out, that he can hide a whole secret life, but stealth and hiding rings are beyond his capabilities.

What have we learned?: Juliette keeps a cool head in a crisis, Captain Renard tries to subtly ask questions that will lead Nick to realizing when a suspect is a beastie, and Dragon Ladies can survive fire storms.

What’s going to happen?: Ok, almost every episode there’s a new loose end. Captain Renard and his orders from the Ferrat; Miss Hexenbiest who may or may not be dating Hank; some guy, who may or may not be Captain Renard, is close to Nick (and trying to kill him); Reapers are probably coming to collect Nick’s head; Dragon Lady is probably going to come back for round two; creepy Aunt Marie’s fiance is probably due back at some point; and Monroe’s ex-girlfriend is still on the loose. You know, they should just have everything converge. Just have Nick have to take on all of it at once. Throw in an unlikely baddie alliance or two just for kicks.

Do you think the season’s gonna end in a mega-brawl? Are we ever going to see this mysterious Ferrat? And will Nick just freaking tell Juliette he’s a Grimm, already? Tell me what you think in the comments.

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