Oh, man, did this episode ever make up for the last one! So good! Where to start?

So first, let me apologize for misspelling Verrat all this time. I don’t remember where I spell checked it, but it was clearly wrong.

We are finally getting information. And it’s no wonder everybody freaks out whenever they see Nick. Grimms are usually working for the bad guy. It’s like Darth Vader showing up and being like, “No worries! I’ve switched sides!”

So if I’ve got this straight, this is all about a war between the Verrat and the Resistance, or Laufer. The Verrat are comprised of 7 royal families, and both the Reapers and Grimms work for them. Which is so very confusing.

If Grimms work for the Verrat, why do they even have Reapers?

Are Grimms meant to police Wesen, but most of them have gone corrupt and now work for the Verrat? Was Nick’s family among the uncorrupted Grimms? And why does everybody want this key?

And Captain Renard. I don’t even know what to think about him anymore. He’s doing his own thing in Portland, wants no part of the war, doesn’t want to kill Nick, but wants the key. And he traditionally would be using Nick to do his bidding, but isn’t… Oh, this is confusing.

Ok. Let’s start over before I just confuse us all.

Ian (Neil Hopkins), a Wesen from the Resistance, is on the run from an assassin with the Verrat. The assassin goes to Captain Renard, but Renard doesn’t want to get involved. So the assassin makes him get involved by killing someone and framing Ian. And when Renard tells the Verrat assassin that Nick doesn’t work for him, the assassin says Renard is playing a dangerous game.

So I’m guessing Grimms that aren’t working for the Verrat aren’t necessarily automatically opposed to them, but since they’re generally up to no good, and therefore can be classified as “the bad ones,” Grimms probably are usually killing them. And since Nick isn’t working for them, he falls into the killing them category by default.

So Rosalee’s family was working for the Laufer. And Wesen in general are probably on the side of the Laufer (being the side that doesn’t kill you for marrying outside your race). And that’s more or less all we know about the Laufer.

So Ian kills the assassin (even though Nick tells him not to), making it so Nick has to make another cop/Grimm/friend decision. This time, he chooses on the side of his friends, tells Monroe to get rid of the body, and drives Ian to the bus station and tells him to never come back. And by the way, when Nick tells Deputy Monroe to get rid of the body, he just says, “Yeah, okay,” then goes about the grisly business. That’s pretty hard-core, Monroe.

I’m gonna time out for a second and say that I love the structuring of Team Grimm. There’s Nick, the Grimm and therefore obvious head of the team. Deputy Monroe, his second in command, who is on call to stand in for Nick whenever necessary. And Rosalee, who is everything else. She’s the doctor, researcher, consultant, and reserve infantry (she did save Monroe once, and she was instrumental in taking down the assassin). If/when Juliette joins Team Grimm, I’m wondering what role she would play since second in command is already taken.

Then Nick is called to the scene where Monroe dumped the body, and Captain Renard shows up and says the right things so that everyone just gives up the search for Ian.

What have we learned?: We learned about the Verrat and the Laufer and that Grimms are usually in league with the bad guys. We learned that there’s a war going on, and it’s coming to Portland.

What’s going to happen?: What I hope is going to happen is another Grimm is gonna come to town. I really want to see what Grimms are traditionally like. And I can’t wait to see what Capatain Renard’s next move is. What is he plotting now? (‘Cause you know he’s plotting something.)

Is your head spinning with all the new information, too? Are you also curious about what other Grimms are like? What do you think Captain Renard’s new plot is? Tell me in the comments!

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