So, just in case you were doubting the bad-assery of Nick or Monroe, this episode reinforced it.

Nick goes out to the woods and has his bestie, Monroe, help him train with his traditional weapons, wanting to be a more traditional Grimm.

Meanwhile, a troll, or Hässlich (David Zayas) is killing an Eisbiber. Another Eisbiber (pronounced to sound like ice beaver) witnesses the murder and runs away. And the witness just so happens to be friends with Bud, the refrigerator repairman. (You remember? The one who fixed Nick’s door and brought him a pie.) So when the witness is too scared to come forward, Nick asks for Bud’s help. And Bud succeeds in convincing his friend to come forward, which is pretty much a small miracle since Eisbibers are rather cowardly Wesen.

The trolls are scared since Nick is a Grimm and they decide to call a Reaper to kill him. And the Reapers, expecting an interception by Captain Renard, decide to send two Reapers in case the first one is stopped.

The Reapers, not trusting that the troll calling them isn’t a trap set up by Nick, force the troll into having Nick come get him. So Nick gets to lock up the troll. Then Nick offers to personally escort his scared witness to a safe place (’cause he’s the nicest Grimm ever), which is when the Reapers choose to jump him.

The Reapers were not intercepted by Captain Renard, so it’s two Reapers that come after Nick. And although Nick was expecting to be fighting Hässlichen, he doesn’t hesitate and is able to kill both of them because he’s been polishing up his bad-assery for just such an occasion. (This was the caliber of fight I was expecting but didn’t get when he fought Adalind.)

As the saying goes, only your best friend will help you bury the bodies, so Nick calls his deputy to come help him. And because Monroe is also a bad-ass, he suggests they chop off both Reapers heads to send back to the Reapers as a message.

And for Nick’s efforts, the community of appreciative Eisbibers fill his house with gifts. I’m pretty sure Nick is the first Grimm to ever get that response from Wesen.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the dinner with Juliette! And I can’t forget about the dinner with Juliette a) because it was so funny, and b) because I still friend-ship Nick and Monroe. The way they were totally awkward and suspicious as they said hello, but then congratulated each other like everything went smoothly was too great.

Side note: I love that they said that it was the killer’s boots that helped them crack the case (back in the first episode) ’cause I always thought that was ridiculous.

So to reiterate: Nick killed not one but two Reapers, then, with the help of Deputy Monroe, he buried their bodies and sent their heads back to the Reapers. …I like this show so much!

What have we learned?: Reapers can be called on by other Wesen, traditional Grimm weapons make for awesome fight scenes, and Monroe has no reservations about decapitating dead bodies.

What’s going to happen?: The vengeful Reapers are probably gonna send more guys after Nick. We’re gonna find out what the Captain Renard has up his sleeve, ’cause he must be hatching something. And Hank is probably gonna confront Nick about always disappearing and not being around as often. I mean, he’s gotta wonder where Nick is spending all his time all of the sudden.

Did you love this episode as much as I did? Do you think the Verrat are going to circumvent the captain and try to take Nick out themselves? Has Nick started a war with the Reapers? …Or, I guess, has he exacerbated his situation with the Reapers? That comments section is hungry for your theories.

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