Reaping Grimm: Many Happy Returns

Ok. Raise your hand if your head just exploded. *raises hand*


Alright. So I finally got that confession I’d wanted. And if Nick had told her when she was freaking out about big foot, then she probably would have been more willing to believe him.

Now don’t we all know about a woman scorned? I mean, Nick really should have been on the lookout for Adalind. And did I not say a few posts back that by not telling Juliette he was endangering her life? Forewarned is forearmed. *sigh* But seeing as fictional characters can’t take advice in blog posts, I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

Hank is going through the PTSD of having seen a beastie but having no one else see them. …Nick really took thinking he was losing his mind a lot better than Hank. I mean, Nick saw Miss Hexenbiest the first time, and he just shook it off and kept on crime fightin’. Hank, not so much.

And then we come to the big reveal: Nick’s mom! Dun, dun, DUN!!!

So apparently, Nick’s mom has just been in hiding. In a really cool hoodie. For all these years. …You know, Nick’s family really has a problem with communicating. Neither his parents or his aunt told him about being a Grimm growing up, his mother didn’t tell him or Aunt Marie she was alive, Nick just barely got around to telling Juliette. I mean, they seriously all need to have a group therapy session. Well, obviously after Juliette is cured from whatever poison Adalind gave her.

Oh yeah, and Juliette’s still not cured. We don’t know what’s gone wrong with her yet, but something really bad is happening.

Also, I really liked this episode, but I just have to say… For the biggest battle you’ve fought so far, you only brought one bolt, Nick? Seriously? *shakes head*

Oh, what a terrible place to leave us for a season finale. But lucky us, season two is already started and we can just start watching it! Which is what I’m gonna go do in a moment but first:

What have we learned?: Hank has PTSD, Juliette is strung out on Hexenbiest poison, and Nick’s mom lives (and has a really cool hoodie).

What’s going to happen?: Well, we’re clearly going to learn more about Nick’s history now that mom’s in town to fill us all in. I’m thinkin’ their gonna whip up a cure for Juliette, but it’s gonna come at a price. Like, she’s gonna be evil for a while or something. (Let’s just hope they don’t go all Buffy Season 2 finale. ‘Cause I can only go through something like that once.) And Monroe, as always, will be a faithful deputy and total bad-ass.

Side note: If this is how they left us for the first season, I am horrified to see where they leave us at the end of next season.

Let’s chat about Nick’s mom’s hoodie (and where we can buy one) in the comments! And, you know, we can talk about the rest of the episode, too.

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