Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! I knew this would happen! Did I not ask about this in my last post? Ok, let’s start at the beginning. This was a really packed episode.

So mother and son do a fantastic job of kicking the crap out of the Mauvais Dentes. It was a pretty good fight scene. Nothing as awesome as the table slide in the last episode, but pretty good.

And thinking of fight scenes, how great was it that Nick’s mother kicks the crap out of Adalind’s mother with a rolled up magazine? But then she accidentally went to far and killed her. Oops!

And thinking of killing people (and the consequences of such), Nick got arrested! Damn Feds! *shakes fist* It’s a good thing Nick is so stoic all the time or he might have been found out.

And thinking of being found out, that was an interesting little talk Hank had with Nick. Nick, being the king of stoic, showed no reaction. Which, now that we’ve met his mother, we see he comes by honestly. She actually shows less emotion than he does. And now we see how he could find creepy Aunt Marie so endearing.

And thinking of Nick’s mother, that lady is sneaky! I’m guessing she’s sticking around to find out who the prince is and maybe try to take him out herself. That’s just my prediction.

And thinking of things I predicted, although to be fair, it was pretty obvious, it did take a kiss to wake up Juliette. And in retrospect I guess I should have realized that the kiss would have come from a prince, but I was definitely surprised that it was Captain Renard to do the kissing. But then I guess with all the deceit Nick has to pull off all the time, it’s kind of hard to stay pure of heart.

What have we learned?: Captain Renard is definitely a prince (didn’t I tell you?) and definitely a beastie. The writers love to tease us by only giving us a partial reveal. Though I wonder if he’s not some kind of dragon since he was breathing smoke while he was becoming pure of heart. Nick’s mother is staying in town secretly, and she’s far more ready to kill people. Juliette has lost her memory of Nick. *sad panda*

What’s going to happen?:We thought Adalind was scorned before! How mad is she gonna be when she finds out her mom’s dead? Nick’s mom is gonna do some more killing of beasties, and leaving of DNA evidence. And we’ll get to see some side effects of that “pure of heart” enchantment. Perhaps Prince Reaper has lost some of his powers because of it. Also, we still haven’t found out why we even have Reapers when the families clearly prefer to work in concert with Grimms.

Will they find a spell to restore Juliette’s memory? Is Nick’s mother gonna get him arrested again? What’s the connection between the royals and the Reapers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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