Well that was a bittersweet episode if there ever was one. *deep sigh*

So Adalind’s spell was made so that Juliette would specifically forget Nick. She remembers everything else, even Monroe, but she doesn’t remember Nick. It’s just so freakin’ sad! I mean, I know, I’m stating the obvious. But man, I just feel so bad for our stoic hero.

So there’s the bitter, so here’s the sweet: Hank knows now! And now that he knows he’s not hallucinating, he’s fine. Ooh! I just realized he can join Team Grimm! Squee! I am so excited for Hank to join Team Grimm.

…Getting Juliette’s memory back isn’t going to be as simple as a spell is it? It’s gonna take either some traumatic pain, or Adalind’s death, or perhaps both.

And I know this is a big, long plot twist that they’re going to drag out for a while, but I really want Juliette to get her memory back so that she can be on Team Grimm. ‘Cause, ya know, girl power! She can shoot guns!

Oh yeah. There were like, beasties and a plot in this episode, too. And almost no Deputy Monroe! But I get it. We had to give Hank his glory. I can dig it.

So we’ve got ritualistic beasties again. But instead of a perfectly understandable ritual hunt of humans, we’ve got incestuous gang rape. I think cultures should look at their rituals and make a check list. If tying down women (or really anyone) is a necessary part of the ritual, you should probably ditch that part. Make it less rapey. That, and obviously, no incest. Ew.

And since we were all about Hank and his beastie discovery, there was no murder in this episode. …Well, the small woodland creatures died, but no humans or Wesen were harmed.

So, I’m both looking forward to the next episode and dreading it. Looking forward to it because, if all of season one was any indication, after a relatively tame episode like this one, the next episode will have grisly deaths paired with fight scenes a-plenty. Or it will be packed with so much new information our heads will spin. At the same time I’m dreading it because we’ll continue to have our hearts ripped out by having to watch Nick be all hopeful but not hopeful as the love of his life has no idea who he is. Ow, ow, ow!

What have we learned?: We haven’t learned much this episode since the whole point was to bring Hank into Team Grimm. But we have learned that, when it comes down to the line, Hank is cool under pressure and kicks ass. Which is pretty much the defining feature of members of Team Grimm. As far as I can tell, the qualifications for Team Grimm are a) trust Nick, and b) pull off plans to fake out the enemy at the drop of a hat. (Deputy Monroe).

What’s going to happen?: We’re gonna get to see more Captain Renard. ‘Cause he is in the game for himself, and we need to see more of his plan. And who is he always calling and speaking in French to, but telling not to tell the family? I think we’re gonna learn more about the families and I think we’re gonna learn about the Reapers. And we’re gonna learn what Nick’s mom has been up to. And we’re gonna go through the heart-wrenching process of getting Juliette’s memory back. And we’re gonna get some more kick-ass fight scenes. And we’re probably gonna get a hunt for Adalind since both Nick and Captain Renard want revenge and they have an excuse to use police resources since she’s a suspect for her mother’s murder. I just feel like they’re gonna have to have her physically present and/or kill her in order to break the spell on Juliette.

What do you think? Will Nick’s mom get him arrested again? Will Nick end up in a face-off with his mother? What is Captain Renard’s plan for Nick? Tell me in the comments!

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