Reaping Grimm: Mob Mentality

In The Good Shepherd, Nick and Hank’s suspicions arise when they find out that the victim in their latest case belonged to a congregation of sheep-like Wesen being led by a Blutbad. And they decide the best way to test the Blutbad minister’s intentions is to send Deputy Monroe in undercover. Meanwhile, Nick continues to learn how to deal with his adversaries the Grimm way.

As I predicted in the last review, this episode had a good fight scene and turned up the bad-assery levels. At the same time, it’s one of the funnier episodes we’ve gotten in a while. I’m thinking we’re gonna get some more mysteries thrown at us next episode.

Ok, now let’s get spoilerific!

Nick dumped the Nuckelavee’s body into the river. I mean, it’s not as brutal as his people’s traditional decapitation, but that’s pretty hard core. I know this isn’t the first time he’s gotten rid of bodies, but his Grimm justice is definitely different than his cop justice. And he’s certainly having a lot less trouble doing things the Grimm way now. Gotta wonder how Hank would take it if he knew that Nick disposes of bodies from time to time.

He also didn’t seem too sympathetic about sheep girl being scared Nick would kill her. He let Hank do all the defending and did nothing to actually reassure her. In other words, he was fine with a Wesen cowering in fear at the might of his Grimm powers.

Also, it’s fun to know that Captain Renard knows exactly who killed the Nuckelavee and is probably pretty pleased about it. He always seems happy whenever Nick takes down another assassin. Which once again makes me wonder what he has planned for Nick. Does he want to have Nick work for him during his coup? (I’ve decided that the prince is planning a coup, by the way.)

And I’m glad that Juliette is finally going to start making an effort to try to spend some time with the super-hot guy who’s completely in love with her who happens to be living in her house. ‘Cause I did not understand why she didn’t want to do that from day one. Let me assure you that if I woke up tomorrow with no memory of David Giuntoli, but he claimed to be my live-in boyfriend, I would have no problem believing him. (“It might jog my memory if we make sweet love.”)

And it’s no secret I was pleased as punch to see Deputy Monroe in action. Monroe’s just like, you want me to go undercover? No problem, I’m a bad-ass. And it’s a good thing Nick and Hank interceded with the mob attack when they did, ’cause I’m pretty sure Monroe would have come out ahead in that fight and Hank would have been initiated to the body hiding aspect of the Grimmsphere.

What have we learned?: Nick is starting to be a bit more… traditional, shall we say? He no longer feels bad about intimidating Wesen or disposing of assassin’s bodies. He didn’t even need moral support from Monroe this time. And Prince Renard still has Nick earmarked for his plans.

What’s going to happen?: Ok, I tried not to watch the preview for next week, but I have no self control. So raise your hand if you think that Juliette is faking remembering Nick. *raises hand* I just don’t believe it. And Adalind is due back! She is gonna get so dead! Especially with the way Nick has taken to dumping bodies in the river as of late. *bounces in anticipation* And I still think that Kelly (Nick’s mom) is gonna start causing a bit of mayhem.

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