Every week, it was the same thing: playing The Game, talking about things, arguing about who didn’t battle the hoard that just came over the hill.

Now it’s different: one of the Knights of Good has a real job, and the others are also dealing with change in different ways. Welcome to season six of The Guild.

More after the jump (spoilers)….

The big news at the end of season five is that Codex now has a job working for the guys who produce The Game that she and the other Knights of Good play every day. It’s safe to say that everything changes, according to the first chapter that has been released on Felicia Day’s YouTube Channel, Geek and Sundry. There’s even a fancy new open that features the KoG in animation.

While Codex tries to find her bearings as Floyd’s new assistant (Vice President of Community Creative Consultancy), the others have their own concerns. Bladezz is feeling a bit threatened because Bruiser, his mom’s boyfriend and former Axis of Anarchy member, wants to use Bladezz’s gaming space.  Tink’s feminine wiles aren’t working as well as they should. Although she is chilling beside a pool, her plans to outsource a midterm paper and avoid paying a car repair bill aren’t working out.  Vork is planning a big date with Madeline. Clara is promising to be a better mother, even changing her hair color. Zaboo is having the toughest time, not being able to spend any time with any of his buds.

The main story looks like a cross between The Office and World of Warcraft. While Codex is in awe of her new office space, which even includes her Codex costume, she has to deal with her fellow workers, such as a paranoid producer and a programmer who is also Floyd’s nephew. Her introduction to the company is a bit unsettling.

New episodes air every Tuesday at geekandsundry.com. All episodes of the show from the beginning are available on the site.


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