Nick and Monroe’s Blutbad ex-girlfriend, Angelina, have to work together to save Monroe. Not killing each other in the process proves to be the bigger challenge. And as Hank is guarding Monroe, we get to learn a bit more about Wesen via his questions. Meanwhile, a royal from one of the other families pays Prince Renard a visit.

Yep, four sentences is as much as I can do without getting spoilerrific.

So Juliette has finally come to her senses and realized that she’s living with a totally hot guy who’s in love with her. I just don’t understand what took so long! She and Nick have an interrupted dinner, and that’s all that happens as far as their relationship is concerned.

We’ve got another snake-like this episode, but unlike the prideful and oblivious Skalengeck, the Konigschlange is a walking lie detector test. A walking lie detector test that is forcing Angelina to kill Monroe for $25,000.

Angelina tells Monroe to run, but Deputy Monroe is like, “Excuse me, I’m a bad-ass. I don’t hide. I’m just gonna call my Grimm friend.” Ok, not an exact quote, but close enough, right?

And then Nick hides Monroe at Hank’s place, where Hank gets Wesen 101. (And thereby, so do we!) Apparently, to woge hurts, but not too much. (I would say “woging”, but I don’t know if that’s the proper conjugation.)

So, we’ve finally tied up a loose end! Unfortunate that poor Angelina had to die to tie it up, but at least we’re not still wondering when she’ll come back into the picture and what trouble she’ll cause. And I’m glad she got to go out fighting for Team Grimm, ’cause I liked her.

Speaking of loose ends, when’s Nick’s mother showing up? ‘Cause Kelly never left Portland and I doubt she’s been doing nothing all this time.

Anyway, Team Grimm figures out that it’s the royals that want to kill Monroe for helping Nick. And really, I don’t understand why they want to get in the way of a perfectly good bromance. I mean, I don’t really understand why they want Nick dead in the first place. Other than having one of the keys, he doesn’t really affect them.

As for the royals, Prince Renard is visited by a Princess and old flame from another of the seven families. She starts off asking if he’s going to kill her and he, in so many words says, “I’d rather not so just don’t give me reason to do so.” She’s plotting the entire time, but the Prince is a step ahead. When Princess Whatserface asks if Prince Renard is going to kill her the second time, and he says it depends on many things, I couldn’t help but think that most of those things were the members of Team Grimm. (As is in the severity of her fate depends on how many of them survived.) The royals just don’t understand why the Prince doesn’t want them to touch his Grimm. …And neither do we. Especially when Nick has no idea he’s supposed to be the Prince’s Grimm in the first place. But hey, now the Prince is holding a Princess hostage, so that’s fun times! Wonder where that’ll end up?

So, I’m guessing the next episode is gonna start off with Hank dealing with having been involved with hiding the body. Or him being uncomfortable as he and Nick investigate the crime scene they set up the night before. I’m just really curious to see Hank’s reaction to the “hide the bodies” aspect of being on Team Grimm.

And since Team Grimm only saw the Princess, does this mean they think she’s the royal in Portland and won’t discover Captain Renard? And I’m still waiting to see side effects of Prince Renard becoming pure of heart.

Side note: Who is always putting those giant spot lights in the woods so that everyone can see where they’re running? I mean, it’s damned convenient, but a little weird.

What have we learned?: If you’re an ex of Rosalee or Monroe and you come back to town, you’re gonna die or get banished. ‘Cause nothing can get in the way of their love. (Oh, sure, the plot provided “valid” reasons for their departures, but we all know the truth.) And we’ve learned (from clever deduction based on the Prince and Princess’s conversation) that Prince Renard is next in line to be king, but he wants to do things his way.

What’s going to happen?: Kelly, Nick’s mom, is gonna do something terrible that’s gonna make Nick have to kill or banish her (’cause, ya know, otherwise the show would be boring). Miss Hexenbiest is gonna come to avenge her mother and it’s gonna be a race to see who can kill her first since both Nick and the Prince have reason to want her dead. Hank, at some point, is not gonna be okay with choosing Grimm justice over police justice and will go to the Prince with his grievances, only to have Captain Renard help cover Team Grimm. And Captain Renard is gonna make his move to rule all seven kingdoms and Nick is probably gonna be his champion. Don’t look at me, I just process the data and put forth the theories. It’s not my fault all the facts lead to crazy. But that’s why we watch isn’t it?

What do you think? Will Team Grimm ever make a serum for Juliette so she can recover her memory? Are my theories adding up, or am I riding the crazy train? Tell me in the comments!

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