The whodunit bit of this episode was a bit predictable, but the progression of the larger story arcs made up for it. The next few episodes should get us a fight scene or so as well as some upsetting developments on the Juliette front. I think we can also expect some turbulence ahead in Nick and Hank’s friendship. I also want to see Rosalee back in her shop as well as some Deputy Monroe action.

Overall, it was one of the tamer episodes. There was a lot of set-up for the next few episodes, and a lot of blatantly ignoring any previous set-up done so far this season. As usual, lots more questions, and absolutely no new answers. So typical of you, Grimm. So typical.

And before I get spoilerrific, I just want to mention that Bitsie Tulloch live-tweets during the west coast airings. Which, personally, I think is pretty cool. You can check it out by following her at @BitsieTulloch.

Alright. Let’s get spoilery.

Raise your hand if you knew the little girl did it about 15 minutes in. *raises hand* Although, most of the cases aren’t that tough to crack. It’s really just about the Prince and the Monrick bromance. (That’s a mash of Nick and Monroe. I’m so clever, I know.) That’s what we’re watching for, right? Just me again? Ok.

And I was right that Juliette recovering her memory was fake, but was wrong about it being intentional fakery. Instead, it was a dream sequence. Aw! Poor Nick! Though I gotta point out, that Nick is one crazy-light sleeper, cuz he woke up just from hearing his phone on vibrate. Nick, Juliette dance

So the beastie of the week was called a Drang-Zorn, and they’re apparently supposed to come of age (ie. get all Wesen-y) at 13, but little beastie is finding her wild side at only 9. Her parents are overwhelmed and can’t seem to keep her from killing people. On one hand, sure, they weren’t prepared for dealing with the change so soon. On the other hand, I shudder to think how they would have handled it when she was older, bigger and stronger at the age of 13. The word “unfit” comes to mind.

Hank, Nick trailerNick brings Hank to the trailer to help identify what type of beastie they’re dealing with and ends up showing him the weapons cabinet, at which point Hank discovers the triple barrel shotgun and Nick reveals that it was Deputy Monroe who did the shooting. (Remember? When Nick was in the hospital during Game Ogre.) I’m thinking this reveal is gonna be a bad thing down the line.

And as I said she would, Adalind is looking for retribution from her mother’s killer. She calls up Prince Renard, and of course he tries to get her to reveal her location so he can kill her for his own retribution. But she is calling from a place he’ll never find from what we assume is an untraceable phone. And since he probably thinks Nick, his future champion, is the one who killed Adalind’s mother, he didn’t tell Adalind anything. (Just a refresher: it was Nick’s mom, Kelly, who did the killing. We’re still waiting for her to show up again, by the way.)

Monroe, still playing shop keeper in Rosalee’s absence, messes up a potion and has to undo the damage with an antidote. And that sentence sums up the entire Monroe/ Rosalee plot line for the episode. Nobody woged or anything. They’re going to need to make this up to us with some bad-ass Deputy Monroe scenes next episode.

What have we learned?: Adalind has discovered her mother’s death and is looking for revenge. Juvie guards are Wesen. Juliette is now in love with her prince charming (aka Prince Renard). Ruh-roh!

What’s going to happen?: Well, let’s take stock. We’ve got a psychotic dragon lady with the hots for Nick out there somewhere. Nick’s mom is still doing lord knows what in Portland since she only pretended to leave. Captain Renard may or may not still have a Princess captive. Adalind will be coming back for revenge soon. Hank is starting to show signs of not being ok with Nick’s choices and being outside the law. And Juliette got a dose of love whammy when the Prince kissed her (But we all saw that one coming, right?). Oh, and we still haven’t seen any other side effects from the Prince becoming pure of heart. He just went back to business as usual, which doesn’t seem right. Oh, and Monroe is still Team Grimm, so that’s bound to still be pissing the royals off. So we’ll probably be seeing another assassination attempt on Nick or Monroe or possibly even Captain Renard in the next episode or so. And I still think Team Grimm needs to start work looking for a potion to restore Juliette’s memory. Seriously, why is nobody working on this already? And just for the record, we’re only on episode seven, so we’ve got a lot more season to go.

Is there a serum for Juliette’s memory loss that Team Grimm should be working on? Is that princess Renard kidnapped still alive? Is Hank going to betray Nick? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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