Actor Doug Jones at the 2011 Saturn Awards.

Doug Jones has got to be one of our most favorite people in the world. His perpetual positive energy and outpouring of love to fans makes him extremely popular at Cons as well. And oh yeah, he’s had an impressive amount of memorable roles in film and TV that you may have seen. Whether as Abe Sapien in the Hellboy franchise, The Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four, über creepy Gentleman from Buffy, or his current hilarious recurring role as megalomaniac alien Dominique Wilkins on ABC’s The Neighbors, Doug is always fun to watch.

We at Whedonopolis are bursting with joy to announce that (schedule permitting) the lovely Doug Jones will be at our Dr. Horrible shindig on Saturday!

Doug is featured in Season 5 of The Guild (the one we’re showing) as snooty steampunker Gerald.

Doug will also autograph the pumpkin carved in his Buffy “Gentleman” character likeness from The Pumpkin Geek available in our prize drawing. It’s a true collector’s item and only available at the screening!

Dougie will be there. Will you?

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