Artistic license, poetic license, drivers license; all kinds of license was taken with the story line of Pinocchio. It was really just based on themes in Pinocchio. To the point that if they hadn’t put up the quote from the fairytale, you would never figure out what it was based on. Not that this deviation is a problem. I rather like that Grimm’s story lines can stand on their own and use the fairytales as a supplement rather than a crutch.

We learn a lot more about Prince Renard’s background this episode, which doesn’t confirm much about his motives, but it definitely gives us a fuller look at his character. We are also reminded of the cruel brutality typically associated with the Grimm, which I think is good. It’s good not to forget that, although Nick chooses to be a good guy, he comes from a long line of intolerance and violence which he could easily embrace at any time.

Also, we get a nice fight scene, which automatically adds awesome points to the episode.

Ok. Spoiler time!

First of all, to give this post any other title would have been criminal. Especially considering, if you really wanted to, you could start reaching for some Snape parallels. Renard is protecting our hero for yet to be revealed motives; we don’t know if he’s ultimately good or bad; he’s the freakin’ half-blood prince- need I really go on? Before I get too nerdy, let’s talk about the episode.

It’s a turtle! No, it’s a lion! No, it’s a genetically spliced hybrid Liurtle! …a Turion? We’ll work on the name later. More importantly, we’ll figure out what this means about our dear half-blood prince. Is he a Hexenbiest hybrid? Because in our few glimpses of the half-prince half Woging (Oh, yeah. I went for it. I’m conjugating the verb “to Woge.” Which, quick reminder, is when a Wesen beasties up.), whatever he is, it looks pretty weird.

Also, has Monroe ever met the Prince? And if he has, he should have known his scent. And if not, is there some kind of Wesen gossip mag that takes scandalous pictures of their royals. And if no, why not? Besides maybe the risk of the photographers getting their faces ripped off.

And now we’ve learned that my initial assumptions about the Prince were correct. Chiefly, that he’s a prince who isn’t the next in line to the throne, but still has power. The fact that he is the illegitimate son of a Wesen viewed as lower-class just makes it that much better.

As I mentioned above the spoiler line, I really like that they threw in the reminder that the Grimms are traditionally kinda brutal and genocidey. I think it’s important that we remember that these qualities are part of Nick’s history and are inherent in his nature. And it’s important to remember that his mother, a more traditional Grimm, is still roving about Portland, doing who knows what. And we should probably wonder how she’s gonna make her reappearance.

So now we’ve come to a fascinating dilemma. The Prince has been grooming and tending his secret weapon (Nick), keeping him safe from harm so that he can grow stronger. But if he doesn’t get rid of his obsession, he’ll kill the key to his master plan. Now, granted we’ve never had it confirmed that he plans to use Nick as his champion, but I think it’s safe to assume at this point.

And I’m really excited to see what trouble Miss Hexenbieste and the Renard’s brother, Eric, will be causing. I think their efforts will cause Nick to discover who Renard really is.

Side Note: Nick looked really hot in his suit.

What have we learned?: Captain Renard is an illegitimate child, Wesen can be genetically modified to make super-Wesen, and the writers are taking a break from including Rosalee in the story line.

What’s going to happen?: Ok, usually I would list all the things that are probably going to happen, but I’m really just waiting for two things: 1) I want to see Nick and his mom throw down and 2) I want Team Grimm to finally put together a serum to restore Juliette’s memory. (Seriously, how come there is still nobody working on this?) And we need to get Rosalee back in the shop and get to see more Deputy Monroe. Also, my money is still on Hank deciding Nick is out of control and turning on him. Also, more shirtless scenes from Nick. Ok, maybe that last one’s just wishful thinking.

Are we ever going to see an epic battle between Nick and his mother? How is the Prince gonna solve his problem? Is it Liurtle or Turion? Let me know in the comments!

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