NYCC 2012 Firefly Science Channel Panel is Full of Misbehavin’ and Fond Memories

One of the high points of the weekend (and perhaps the highest point for me) was the Saturday night panel presented by Science Channel for the 10th anniversary of the Whedon series, Firefly.  And Science Channel has gone one further by celebrating that anniversary with a Firefly special that will air on November 11th.   There were some first look scenes from the show that will feature behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew plus some never-before seen footage of Captain Mal and the gang.On hand for the panel were Jewel Staite (Kaylee Frye) and Sean Maher (Dr. Simon Tam) with Nathan Fillion (Captain “Mal” Reynolds) on cell phone.

But, our Captain Tightpants is not one to miss a party, so when he started describing exactly what Jewel and Sean were wearing, the crowd began to franticly look about wondering where he was going to pop up… which is how I missed getting a shot of him walking up behind them onstage.  But boy, was everyone happy to see him.


And the Browncoats party was on!

There were memories and tears and laughs and, yes, some misbehavin’.  Fans got to ask some questions about a fantasy future for the show (it’s season 8 of Firefly and what is the storyline now?) and how the cast would like to see FOX apologize for the debacle that was the scheduling of the show.  And there was much talk about the “C” word –cancellation — which ran the gamut of lighthearted banter to solemn recollections.  A couple of fans even got hugs from the cast with one young Kaylee look alike getting not only a hug and photo from Jewel but a one-armed lift onstage by Nathan (ohhh, Captain my Captain).

For some clips from the panel, check below.  I apologize in advance for the shaky iPod cam moments, but the adrenaline was pumping and my steadier HD camera batteries had died, so I did what any Browncoat would do — I improvised.

Cancellation?  What cancellation?


Becoming Part of Firefly


Don’t Say Goodbye, Just Nod and Say,”Cap’n”


Firefly Fantasy Future


Much Ado About Joss and A Mini Kaylee Gets a Lift

And be sure to check out our photo gallery for more pictures from the day.

The Firefly 10th Anniversary Specials airs November 11th on Science Channel

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