A big thanks to all of you who came to our event last night.  It was a marvelous turnout (we sold out!) at a new venue and fun was definitely had by all, attendees and volunteers.  A HUGE thanks to our special guests who shared the night with everyone, Jane Espenson, Brad Bell, Greg Aronowitz, Doug Jones, Georges Jeanty, Ben Edlund, Sean Becker, Michael Caanan, David Burns and Kristen Nedopak.  Oh, and surprise guest Fran Kranz in the evening’s boldest costume.

Photos will start going up tonight in our gallery and if you have any you would like to share please contact us at info@whedonopolis.com for how to share/link with us.  Same with any blogs or articles about your time at the event. We love reading your adventures of the night.

Thank you everyone for giving purpose to our wacky plots and plans.


5th Charity Screening of Dr Horrible,The Guild & Husbands

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