By Robbie Turner

Last night I went to Book Soup in West Hollywood with friends and found that Claudia Christian (Babylon 5) was there to talk about and sign her new book Babylon Confidential. I had picked up a copy a few days before so I was already half way through, and it’s a JUICY Memoir at that !

The book is an interesting chronicle of Claudia’s charmed /cursed life, and has many stories about the people she lived and worked and partied with, the people who defined the 80’s and 90’s.  Not to mention some great stories from her participation in a few classic movies, and a TV show that is still unmatched in my mind for adult Sci-Fi drama, Babylon 5.Claudia Christian

First off she looks as hot as ever and when I got there I was amazed to see her milling around mingling with the other attendees. She actually walked up and thanked me for coming!  Shortly thereafter, even as people kept filing in (including other B5 alumni like Mira Furlan) she started her talk and what followed AMAZED me. I was assuming the night would be another author just reading spicy excerpts from her book (of which there are MANY), but instead she actually decided to have a real discussion and open up about her reasons for writing the book.

Mira Furlan

Claudia had an incredibly tough time dealing with alcohol addiction and had tried everything she could find to fix her situation, but as she says in the book she was doomed from the start since it runs in her family.  It was really interesting that she ended up discovering something called “The Sinclair Method”, which to be honest I know nothing about except what she explain to us last night.  It seems like a revolutionary cure for alcoholism and she credits it with saving her life.

All in all it was an amazing night which she ended by kind of announcing that she is going to lay off doing conventions for a while and concentrate on public speaking and spreading the facts about this treatment that help her regain control of her life.

If last night was any indication I think she has a very long future in this field as she is very knowledgeable and comes across as incredibly warm and funny.  If you were ever a fan I would recommend this biography. Its a pretty fun read.

You can purchase Babylon Confidential thru this link (which helps support this site).

Neil Gaiman says “An honest, page-turning insight into alcoholism and the road back out.”

Claire Kramer says  “Claudia’s exposé levels with the reader about the truth behind alcoholism and her amazing recovery using the little known Sinclair method. Combining raw humor and checking her ego at the door, Claudia’s James Frey-like voice takes the reader on a wild ride through her early days in Hollywood to a lonely bus stop in Studio City four years ago.  Read, laugh and learn… But most importantly, share – to save a life.”

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