PaleyFest2013_AmericanHorrorStory_KathyBatesThe American Horror Story panel at PaleyFest held very few hints about season three. We learned three things: 1) American Horror Story: Asylum is becoming American Horror Story: Coven, 2) they’ll be shooting on location in a few places including New Orleans, and 3) Kathy Bates is joining the cast.

Since they’ve yet to start filming season three, they chose to screen the “I Am Anne Frank: Part 2” episode. I thought it was an odd choice, but creator/writer/executive producer Ryan Murphy said he chose that episode because it was where everything came together and the audience began to know what to expect. …Sure, ok.

The few cast members who did choose to visit the press tent were delightful one on one, but on stage everyone seemed more close-mouthed. I know part of it is because they don’t know much about the new season, but they all came off a bit timid. When a question was asked of the entire cast, only one or two of them would apprehensively pipe up and often with brief answers. And other than Ryan Murphy, the other writers and producers were almost silent.

I’m looking forward to seeing some witchcraft and voo-doo in the new season. But I have to mention that I hope they’re planning to add some color to the cast since at least part of the story is going to be taking place in New Orleans.

The main takeaway is that Ryan Murphy is ready and willing to churn out new seasons for as long as they let him.

Stay tuned for interviews with Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, and Naomi Grossman.

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