Reaping Grimm: Blinding Fights

Hey Grimm Fans!

I actually owe you two episode recaps since last week during Grimm, I was at PaleyFest at the American Horror Story: Asylum panel, and when I finally watched the episode, my computer decided to mysteriously shut off before I could save my notes. But this week I saved OCD style, so without further ado, let’s chat about Grimm.

Grimm - Season 2Last week, they FINALLY broke the spell on Juliette and Prince Renard, but not without it’s side effects. Juliette is hallucinating giant, electrified pits that say things in a slow, warped voice. We realize it’s Nick’s voice when we hear at the end of the episode, “I just want you to know the truth.” Now that was all good and well, but who else was just like, seriously?! I mean, the door doesn’t open so she just gives up. She doesn’t try to get out of a window. She doesn’t try to break the door down. She doesn’t try to call anyone. No. She just spends ALL NIGHT, and most of the next day, staring at a giant pit in her floor, doing nothing. At some point she takes off her coat and puts it lord knows where, but that’s all the progress she makes. I kind of wanted to bash her stupid, empty head in. I mean, I get that Juliette is supposed to be a bit damsel-y, but come on! There’s a big difference between damsel in distress and complete moron. At this point, I’m worried about the animals that fall under Juliette’s care. (I’m not even gonna get into the instability of that woman’s work hours.)

Also, we learned about the Wesen Council and saw that Rosalee is head of the local chapter. Did anyone else feel like that was a little over-hyped? I mean, they spent half the episode all, “Don’t tell Nick!” and “I’m gonna have to make the call!” And then they did tell Nick, and they did make the call, and a hitman shoots the Wesen violating the law (Jack Ruby style). And there aren’t any consequences for Team Grimm, so why were they making such a big deal of it?

Grimm - Season 2And was it just me, or did Monroe have the biggest UNreaction to being in a bank robbery? Everyone else throws themselves to the ground, as ya do when men waving around guns come into a bank, and Monroe just stands there, casually taking in the scene like, “It’s cool. I’m impervious to bullets.” What?

Despite the incongruous nonsense of that episode, we got back on track this week. (By the way, I’m not even attempting non-spoilerness. Sorry.)

First, I just want to point out that Hank was totally on board with tracking down the Wesen suspect with the intention of scooping his eye out! I mean, I expect such things from Deputy Monroe, but way to support Team Grimm, Hank! And speaking of Team Grimm, did anyone else love that they all hang out like friendsies now? And since I’m assuming that the ghostly images of Nick that Juliette is seeing are her memories coming back, and that she’ll be joining Team Grimm soon, will she be the Wesen doctor of sorts? ‘Cause she’s a veterinarian, and Wesen are kind of half animal, so is that how she’s gonna fit in?

Grimm_S2E15_DavidGiuntoli_Jinnamuru XunteAnyway, Nick temporarily lost his sight and gained super-hearing in the process. *shrugs* Sure, I’m down with that. And I must say I enjoyed his blind fight with the Jinnamuru Xunte. That was easily more ridiculous than boots being the case-breaking evidence in the first episode, or the red shirt that served as the identifying feature of the suspect in the Bigfeet episode. And while we’re talking about hilariously ridiculous things, I loved when Nick pointed out the first victim’s huge, swollen, red eyes as though it was a clever observation that could have been easily missed by the others.

And speaking of the Jinnamuru Xunte, I really liked that the sister he came to attack fought him off and ultimately killed him. I mean, she did a better job in her first battle with it than Nick did in his (evidenced by her not ending up blind from her fight).

And lastly, Adalind has arranged the makings of a “Who’s the Daddy?” Jerry Springer show, royal edition. And she’s allied herself with the creepiest Hexenbiest ever to help her through the pregnancy. And I’m not even talking about her woged form. That lady is creepy.

What have we learned?: Adalind has poor judgement regarding midwives. A little thing like blindness can’t stop a Grimm. Everyone on Team Grimm has no reservations about mutilating someone. I mean, sure they hesitated, but only because they thought it was gross to scoop out eyes.

What’s going to happen?: We’re gonna see some more of the royal family visiting. We’ll get to see more of this Wesen Council. And I’d like to see some more Reapers. I miss those guys. Or, well, I miss their awesome scythes. And Juliette is going to stop being a moron and join Team Grimm.

Was the blind fight silly or stupid? Are we ever going to see Nick’s mom come back? Is it just wishful thinking that Juliette is going to become a stronger character? That comment section is begging for your attention.

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