The first day of Wondercon, in a nutshell, is a scaled down Comic-Con. If you’ve never been to a convention, this would certainly be a good place to start. But smaller is better where cons are concerned.


Think of it this way: it’s easier to get into popular panels, there are less people in front of you in line to ask questions at panels, and you can actually walk the exhibit hall instead of riding the tide of it.

Just imagine not having to show up to a panel an hour in advance just to secure a place near the back of the room. That’s what I lived today. It was fantastic.

What are these fantastic panels I got to attend, you might ask. Well, Geek & Sundry for starters. Felicia Day and crew talked about the new and returning line-up of shows starting on Monday, and mostly did audience Q&A. I must admit that even after seeing their panel at VidCon I wasn’t wowed, but after seeing the clips from the last season and the upcoming projects, I’m excited to start watching. Felicia also hinted about upcoming projects on the horizon and promised that we’ll be seeing more appearances from actors from the Guild.

As I clearly am interested in writing, I attended a writing panel and found myself learning from talents like Jane Espensen and Amber Benson. If you’re interested in creating things at all, I would suggest you attend panels like these. You never know where you’ll find the grain of inspiration or advice that will apply to you, but this is a fantastic place to search for such a thing. Once again, with the sparse attendance on a weekday, there was plenty of opportunity to come up and ask a question.

Beside the panels, there was the exhibit hall, which again, was much easier to navigate since it wasn’t overwhelmingly packed the way it is at Comic-Con. It was a much more comfortable atmosphere for exploring the booths without feeling like you’re in someone’s way and need to move on.

One other thing I would be remiss if I didn’t mention is: bring a lunch. There is a food court, but they have no shame doubling their prices and gouging con-goers. But then, it’s always a good idea to bring a sandwich and a bottle of water to any con. Hydration and not risking your digestion going wonky from unfamiliar foods are a couple of the best ways to ensure you have a good time. Not to mention, saving a few bucks never hurt.

I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how day two goes. With the coming of the weekend may mean the coming of the crowds.


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