ABC Presents Preview of Agents of SHIELD

At long last, ABC has released a 30 second preview of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. It was aired during the season finale of Once Upon a Time. After the jump, the video….


Clark Gregg is featured as Coulson, who has something named Lola that you shouldn’t touch. We also see the cast, and a quick look of J. August Richards. It’s not known what role he’ll play, but some speculate it could be Luke Cage.
Meanwhile, there’s a group called “The Rising Tide” who is trying to “expose” SHIELD’s activities. It’s actually a blog to promote the show. Some of the videos may look familiar because they’re from Iron Man 2. Here’s one that “shows” SHIELD staff.

Here’s the link to The Rising Tide.

Another extended preview is expected when enough people tweet the hashtag  “#CoulsonLives”. Once that is ready, we’ll add it to the site.


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