In case you live in an area where you can’t see the new extended trailer for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, we have a detailed description of the trailer, with a bit of analysis [edit – New Video posted that may play too]. More after the jump:


The trailer opens with a shot of New York, with a woman saying “For years, the truth was hidden. People from other times, other worlds..(quick clips of Captain America and Thor sprinkled in)…Heroes…(while a kid sees action figures modeled after them)..but now we know (quick clip of Iron Man)…they’re among us.”

Someone named Agent Ward (Brett Dalton) is asked what SHIELD stands for (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division). He says it means someone wanted to call the group SHIELD. He mentions having Level 6 clearance, and that an agent named Philip Coulson died in the Battle of New York, aka The Avengers. Then someone emerges from the darkness says, “Welcome to Level 7”.

Coulson lives. He also didn’t want to stand in that dark corner (according to the ABC upfront version of the trailer).

We cut to someone leaping out of a three-story building to save someone. It’s recorded by someone with a smartphone, and SHIELD gets wind of it. “That’s a superhero, Agent Ward,” Coulson says. “We work the cases SHIELD hasn’t classified. The strange, the unknown.” We get quick shots of the offices, and the tech the group has. “It’s not just spy vs. spy anymore. The whole world’s in on the action.”

Back to the “superhero” (J. August Richards), a girl tells him he’s in danger. She is Skye (Chloe Bennet), and she doesn’t think highly of SHIELD. She thinks they’re scary guys in black suits who’ll be after him.

There is a scary woman among them, too:  Melinda May (Ming-Na) a pilot who’s pretty good at self-defense. Ward meets two other team members, Fitz (tech expect played by Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (science expert played by Elizabeth Henstridge).

Skye does what some people do: create a website called The Rising Tide, vowing to expose SHIELD’s real intentions against us.

However, she is no Julian Assange. SHIELD finds her in mid-threat, and, despite her attempt of looking tough,  offers her a job. “I’m not exactly a team player,” she tells Coulson inside Lola the car. “We’re not exactly a team,” he says, “but we’re in a position to do some good.” While we hear this, we get more quick shots of the tech.

Then Coulson apparently talks to the “superhero” (some are saying it’s Luke Cage, but that hasn’t been confirmed): “I’ve seen giants,” Coulson says, “the good ones (as we see the hero leave the scene), they’re not heroes because of what they have, it’s what they do with it.”

We see an arm with something that looks like a nasty worm attached, while Coulson says “We’re not the only ones interested in people who have power…”

Then there’s a scene where Simmons says they have a couple of hours to stop something, and she says there’s no way they can do that. Coulson fires back” “Don’t ever tell me there’s no way.”

Is it because of how he came back to the land of the living?

After a few more action shots, we see the Line of the Fall Preview Season: “Don’t touch Lola.” That is why, during the upfront event in New York, Joss Whedon said that Clark Gregg was “an actor so talented even I couldn’t kill him”

Edit 5/15 12am: SHIELD TV gave us the heads up that this 3-minute version should be region-free (skip the commercial)  Official Marvel trailer of Agents of SHIELD

Meanwhile, here’s another link to the trailer if Marvel’s doesn’t work:

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