Now that enough people tweeted #CoulsonLives, ABC has the new trailer to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. More after the jump


It was released around 12:30 this afternoon (5/14/2013). Clark Gregg is clearly front and center here, as we meet the crew, a girl named Skye who is obsessed with super heroes, and J. August Richards as someone with powers that Skye wants to protect. She even has a website called The Rising Tide, who vows to expose SHIELD. That is, until…well, see for yourself:

By the way, Gregg has a line in the trailer that is just as good as “Don’t Touch Lola”. He’ll be a hero to a lot of people very soon.

The show will air Tuesday nights at 8 PM (Buffy’s old timeslot), and will compete against CBS’ NCIS shows, Fox’s new comedies, and NBC’s Biggest Loser.

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