New Trailer For Sarah Michelle Gellar Sitcom Released

CBS has released a five minute trailer for The Crazy Ones, with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams. More after the jump…

The clip shows Robin in full-fledged zaniness, but he knows to pull it back to show there’s genius inside him. Sarah plays the normal, and more uptight, daughter. Since she’s his daughter and partner in the ad agency, it’s understandable. She also does some unusual things like clobber a rock-em sock-em robot…and sing. Kelly Clarkson is also featured, and she’s very funny when she tries to sell hamburgers in a way-too-sexy song. Here’s the clip…


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1 thought on “New Trailer For Sarah Michelle Gellar Sitcom Released

    Marsia Powers

    (2013-05-22 - 5:59 pm)

    I’m actually looking forward to this. Unlike Ringer.

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