After bringing back classic Shakespeare to the big screen, what will Amy Acker do next?
She’ll get between two Husbands. More after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Acker will be part of  the Comic-Con panel for the internet sitcom created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell on July 19th.

Husbands is about Brady (Sean Hemeon) , a gay baseball player, who marries his boyfriend Cheeks (Brad Bell) on a whim in Las Vegas. After getting through an overblown media scandal Grimm - Amy Acker S1E11over a kiss last year, they want to hold an official wedding ceremony. However, that may be threatened by Brady’s ex-fiance, Claudia, played by Acker.

Husbands hadHusbands logo been shown online for the past couple of years, and also benefited from a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Now, it will be part of The CW’s website,, as an online sitcom. No premiere date has been announced

You can see episodes from the show at

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