WE HAVE A WINNER! For the Free Ride to San Diego on the Whedonopolis Party Bus! (WootWoot!)

Blue Meanie  croppedAt long last, we have the name of the winner of 2 seats on the The Whedonopolis Comic-Con Party Bus! (WootWoot!)

And the winner is

Norm Cook (@scrooge3)

Norm and a guest will ride in comfort on board the 1st Annual Whedonopolis Party Bus (WootWoot!). On their trip they will enjoy on board snacks, games, prizes and assorted audio-visual entertainment.

“See, Kelly”  you say, “I told you I never win anything!”

Yes. Yes, you did.

But, never fear!

A very limited number of seats are still available on the Party Bus! (WootWoot!) for a mere $65 per person (lower cost than Amtrak or driving down and paying for parking).  And because this is Fandom Charities, a portion of the price is tax-deductible!  Just email Kelly at partybus@whedonopolis.com with the subject line “Party Bus (WootWoot!)” and I will send you the details.

And who knows. That unlucky streak could be broken on board the Party Bus (WootWoot!)!

See you there!

Party Bus Cruise Director

This just in!

Fandom Charities/Whedonopolis has received a very generous donation from Write Bros. (@Write_Brothers) of 2 DVD copies of Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 (a nearly $500 value) as prizes on the Whedonopolis Party Bus (WootWoot!)!

Ever wanted to write your own screenplay?  This program can help you get started!  It can be used for film, TV, animation and comic book scripts and works on both Windows and Mac.  Write Brothers will be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in Booth 1429. Drop by to see what other great products they have available!

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