Preview Night

“I’m a Comic-Con vet! I know what I’m doing!” says the lady who got in the wrong line and ended up in the Exhibit Hall.

Yeah, so today I proved that even an experienced Comic-Conner can make a rookie mistake. So n00bs, fear not. Comic-Con is huge and kinda, sorta overwhelming and I will be the last to judge you for your mistakes. I’ll still laugh at you, but I won’t judge.

So today was “Preview Night.” Not because it’s a preview of Comic-Con, but because you see previews of shows. Because of my little detour, I only ended up seeing two shows, but I’m okay with that. Long story short, the100 was alright, and Almost Human I’m going to see more of.

”But what happened before that?” you ask. I’ll tell you what happened. I got in a line that seemed, from a logical perspective, like it was headed for Ballroom 20 (where the previews were showing). After snaking through what felt like half the entire building- maybe it did snake through half the entire building- I ended up being spit out into the chaos that is the Exhibit Hall.

“But that’s not so bad, it’s just preview night,” you say. Um, I did mention this is Comic-Con, right? It’s chaos to a lesser degree, but still chaos. Because the real destination was still Ballroom 20, and because I didn’t grab a map (stupidstupidstupid *beats head against desk*), I wasn’t able to find a bookseller booth to buy a hard copy of Cold Days by Jim Butcher to take to his signing (I only have the Kindle version). But I did manage to score this awesome poster promoting the last book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series from the Lionsgate booth.

It looks shiny because it is shiny! 😀

So, you know, some mistakes don’t end badly.

Now if I can just find a copy of Cold Days by 4pm tomorrow, I won’t feel like a failure.

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