If I say “orphan black”, what do you think of first?  If you think of anything but BBC America’s stellar freshman sci fi drama series, then you need to stop reading this and Google those 2 words before you continue.  I’ll wait.  If you already know about the amazing acting, storytelling and execution of this series, then read on. I spent some time with the Co-creators of the series, John Fawcett (Ginger Snaps) and Graeme Manson (Flashpoint), as a few of us reporters asked about their breakaway hit series, begged for teasers for Season 2 (due to air in April 2014) and raved about their amazing score in talent Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and Dylan Bruce.  The show that premiered at 2013 WonderCon in Anaheim, built steam – and word of mouth – so that what started as an intriguing concept became a full-fledged media darling cult hit. But, unlike most cult hits in their infancy, this one garnered 28 year old Maslany a Critic’s Choice Award for Best Drama Actress.  And she was up against heady completion in the likes of Claire Daines, Vera Farmiga and Julianna Marguiles. That’s saying a lot. Unfortunately, the day before we had our interviews, the Emmy Award Nominations were released and you could hear the gasps from across North America as Maslany’s name was omitted.

But, the good news is that this oversight won’t detract from the fans who adore the show, affectingly referred to as the Clone Club, and their zeal for the show. While Season 2 is over half a year away, the Clone Club keeps the enigma of the show alive through all forms of social media, which John and Graeme seem quite happy with.  In fact, John proudly showed off for us his fan made t-shirt with some amazing artwork. It’s really nice to know that the creators behind the show are as fascinated and appreciative of their fans as the rest of us.

Watch the video and see for yourself.


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