pithandmash400This is a new thing we’re doing so that you, our very dear and lovely readers, don’t miss a thing. Here is a round-up of all the stuff that happened this week congregated in one place.

Why have I called it Pith & Mash? Because I’m getting to the heart (the pith, if you will) of everything posted this week, taking out all it’s important bits (pithing, you might call it) and mashing it all into this one tiny post. And, though pith doesn’t sound very appetizing, pith and mash is edible. And.. and.. I just really like words, alright? Stop judging me!

Here’s your efficiently mashed and- dare I say- pithy recap of the Whedonverse and beyond this week.

9/8— We got to go to PaleyFest this week. (And when I say “we,” I mean Whedonopolis, not the royal. I’m not so delusional as to use such grandeur.) Libya talked to all the cast and producer’s from The Tomorrow People on the CW, which you can check out here. And she posted a new episode of TV Campfire. Which means you’re getting a Libya two-fer! Lucky people!

The Day of the Doctor9/10— Stuck firmly to our Cosmic Flypaper was Doctor Who news about the “The Day of the Doctor.” November 23rd, people. Mark your calendars and set your VCRs. Though, I mean, you should really think about investing in more reliable technology to record something so precious.

9/11— We had a coming out of sorts by our own Impaler General David Mello, who is no longer hidden behind a screen name. And we passed along word of the Amber Benson signing yesterday.

9/13— The Comic Book Slayer strikes again with a brand new Comic Patrol, straight from our friends at Fanboy Comics. (We’ve seriously got a web-crush- whatever that means.)

And that’s it for this week. I’ll see you with another update next week. And just be aware that I might change the name of this lovely feature if I think of something better, but it will be here.

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