Serenity Flies Again For Dark Horse Next January

After three years, Dark Horse will produce a new Serenity mini series next January.2_firefly_cast

It will be officially announced at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, but the Nerdist website says Zack Whedon will be writing a six-issue story called Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. Georges Jeanty will be the illustrator. The first issue will be released January 29.

Not much is known about the story, except it’s set after the events of Serenity. As Jeanty said in his interview with Whedonopolis last month,Serenity preview the crew will be about the same, except for Inara, who will be changed somehow. Whedon, meanwhile, said in the Nerdist interview that Blue Sun will not be part of the story, but the Alliance will be dealing with how Mal revealed the secret of Miranda at the end of the movie. Also, Zoe may be close to giving birth to Wash’s baby. Her pregnancy was revealed in the “Float Out” issue.

Anticipation for a new Serenity comic book increased when the Twitter hashtag #wheresserenity started popping up. Fans will learn more about this, plus news of other Dark Horse titles, this weekend in New York.

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