Good evening, Bones fans. Tonight’s episode was good, and had a lot of heart. So after you are done reading this awesome review, do yourself a favor and watch it!

The murder case tonight involved a very likable man who was a teacher, a bit of a philosopher, and a cancer patient. His murder was puzzling to say the least, and the clues pointed in many directions. Everyone worked well together as always, and we had the pleasure, or displeasure (depending what side you are on) of having Dr. Oliver Wells on the case too. You know, the “objectionable” intern? The team was annoyed for sure, but Angela and Brennan flat out spoke their feelings to him, and it was fun to see them be mean girls.

Oliver was there to get under everybody’s skin, and provide some good laughs. Another funny theme tonight, was the introduction of VAL, a profiling computer. There to essentially replace Sweets, it tormented him the whole episode, and it was entertaining to see everyone give VAL the benefit of the doubt, except for whiny Sweets! I think when Brennan and Sweets are having lunch, and she states that she’d prefer VAL to him as a co-worker, I did giggle a bit. What is the show without Sweets in a hissy?

Meanwhile, It’s good to have Booth and Temperance back to normal, and in love. They are planning their wedding, and decide to do it without any interference from the gang. It’s been 8 years, and I am ready to see these two finally get hitched. Brennan also has a bit of a heart to heart with Angela tonight. She has been holding on to a bridal picture since childhood, and she really seems more vulnerable than ever. As Angela put it, she is indeed a dreamer at heart! They also talk about Booth, and I feel Angela will give him the break he deserves; and will just be happy for them.

Tonight had all the things we all love about Bones: the cases, twists, and the love between not only Booth and Temperance, but the whole team. I have grown to love it myself! I am a fan of a good moral at the end of a story, and we get one this episode. It left me feeling good and pressed what is really important in life, family and friends. At the end, the love birds are sitting on the couch discussing their future wedding, and Booth’s comments made me teary! Do watch it on demand if you missed it 🙂


In case you’d like to know a little more about the case tonight, here you go. Although a few suspects were introduced and were all likely in different ways, you will be surprised to find out it was a friend of the victim, not his wife, nor the woman who had the best motive. It was his friend, Martin, who ended up just being a greedy, stupid man. I did think it had to be the wife for a while there, and they did a great job of leading us in the wrong direction.

As for poor Sweets, he was right. The computer VAL, was not correct, nor could it replace Sweets’ expertise. The team decides to get rid of the system as quickly as they brought it in. Everyone in the team plays an important role, and are better off without it. I’d say Sweets is the happiest about this (wink).

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