NYCC 2013: Teen Wolf Returns in January and Celebrates Early Season 4 Renewal

We caught up with some of MTV’s Teen Wolf pack while at New York Comic-Con last weekend. They were gearing up for their return in January for the second half of season three and celebrating an early season four renewal! Plus, we get to share a New York Pretzel with star, Dylan O’Brien.

Teen Wolf creator and executive producer, Jeff Davis, and series stars Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski) were on hand at NYCC 2013 for a roundtable discussion of all things wolf-like and otherwise. In addition to celebrating the early renewal for season four, Davis mentioned plans for a Halloween episode. Check out our interviews with the group below. And we have an added extra fun clip with Dylan at the end.

At NYCC 2013, Dylan O’Brien talks about Stiles’ state of mind, a possible dark side, Stiles being vulnerable (like the superhero’s girlfriend — wait, huh?), Stiles and Lydia, and working on his upcoming movie, The Maze Runner.


At NYCC 2013, Jeff Davis discusses what’s in store for the Teen Wolf pack in January, psychological thrillers, an early season four renewal, exploring dark sides and an upcoming Halloween episode.


At NYCC 2013, Teen Wolf’s Linden Ashby talks about season three and what’s in store for Sheriff Stilinski now that he knows what lurks in the shadows of his town.


Always on the run at NYCC, Dylan O’Brien enjoys a pre-interview pretzel with hilarious results. And he gets in a few comments about being born in NYC, living in Jersey, being a NY Mets fan and the NY Jets.


Teen Wolf returns to MTV in January! Whedonopolis will keep you posted on all the fun.

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