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Original Sin

Oh snap! “The Ripper” is back! Or is he? Once again The Vampire Diaries takes hold of fans within the first few seconds of the episode. Stefan, or should I say, “The Ripper,” has returned and made his way to a bar in the middle of no where called “Joe’s Bar,” and sank his teeth into the first innocent victim he could find. A scene that wakes Elena out of a restless sleep and apparently one that Katharine also had. Dreaming about his brother is not something that Damon is truly confortable with Elena doing. However, he is willing to go along with it if it can help find his, now freed, brother.

Original Sin

Meanwhile, a mysterious woman who seems to know all about him and his doppelganger self, Silas, has rescued Stefan from the sun. As it turns out the mysterious woman is actually Ketsiya, the witch who cast the immortality spell on Silas in the first place. Turns out Silas never loved Ketsiya and tricked her into helping him. Seems like Bonnie’s spell to drop the veil is what welcomed Ketisya back into the world of the living. Hell hath no fury like a witch scorned. Now Ketsiya has come back from the other side for, wait for it… Stefan! What is it about Stefan that has all the evil and crazy women up in arms? Meanwhile, talk about an awkward road trip. Elena, Damon and Katharine in one small car together heading to try to find the bar where Stefan was last seen. Of course Katharine is messing with Elena and trying to get a rise out of Damon by insinuating that Elena is dreaming about Stefan because she still loves him. Poor Matt, apparently he’s been possessed by the traveler Greggor, who was recently killed by his lover as a means to protect them both from Silas.

Original Sin

As we learn more about Ketsiya we find out that Silas had one true love, but it wasn’t Ketsiya. It was actually, Amara, another Elena doppelgänger. Amara was the first version of Elena and Silas was the first version of Stefan. Elena and Damon find the bar and run into the traveler who nearly kills Elena trying to get to Katharine. As Damon finds Stefan and Ketsiya we learn that the witch can link Stefan and Silas to remove his mind control. Damon learns some frightening news: the doppelgängers are meant to be together, meaning Stefan and Elena. She tells Damon the news he does not want to hear, he is simply a bump in the road to Elena and Stefan’s love affair. As for Silas’ obsession with Katharine, it turns out her blood is the new cure for immortality, something both he and Ketsiya desperately want. To close out the episode we learn that whatever Ketsiya did wiped Stefan’s memory and he now has no clue who Damon or Elena are.

This season has become, even only three episodes in, one of craziest ones yet and I for one, cannot wait to see what happens. How about you?

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