Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/CBS

Last night’s new episode of The Crazy Ones proved that the show has gained its footing. In the episode, Sydney is being forced by Simon to go on vacation. She decides to go to Hawaii on a women’s retreat, which she is teased about. Of course, that plan only gets so far when right before she leaves, there’s a minor emergency with an upcoming ad meeting being moved forward and leaving the team rushing for ideas for the campaign. While this is going on, we also discover that Andrew has gotten back together with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Nancy because Sydney notices him wearing a cardigan. Andrew and Sydney have a great back and forth in a diner about how Nancy (aptly nicknamed Nancy Cardigan) is shrill and bossy, to which Andrew replies “Well so are you, and I like you!” and actually begins to hint at a future romance between the two.

In the midst of the insanity, Sydney puts off leaving for a while to help the team out, then demonstrates her ability to draw perfect circles. She also pulls out her creativity binder, which causes Simon, Zach, Andrew, and Lauren to groan and tease her. This leads into one of my favorite moments of the episode, in which Simon proclaims that the cardigan Andrew is wearing is stifling their creativity and it needs to be sacrificed. One of the best lines in that scene is when Simon says “The creative gods are angry; they need blood. They want sweater blood!” I admit to nearly missing the next moment in the scene because I was laughing so hard. Of course, what happened next was even better, and I will never forget Sydney crying out “My binder!” while Andrew has her in his arms and is trying to escape the conference room they were in.

Soon after that, a soaked Sydney and Andrew find clothes to change into and chat while they’re changing. Sydney is only able to find clothes from a previous Pringles campaign that make Andrew uncomfortable because the butt of the pants say ‘grab a can.’ It leads to my favorite moment in the episode, where Andrew kisses Sydney. Why is it that an awkward kiss and the reaction to it is so entertaining?

Shortly after the kiss, Sydney and Andrew rejoin the rest of the group to continue coming up with a pitch and eventually admit to everyone that they kissed. Lauren’s best line of the night follows: “That’s funny, because neither of you seem good enough for the other.” We also learn a little bit more about Simon’s past and what he did prior to working at the ad agency.

The end of the episode actually had me falling off my bed laughing because it felt like the moment was stolen right out of a ritual in my own home. Sydney finally takes advantage of what Andrew’s pants say, and after warning him, pinches his posterior. Andrew’s perfect response of “I am not a toy! Do it again; give me a chance to clench” is a strong way to end the episode and also leaves open the opportunity for us to see a real relationship blossom and develop throughout the rest of the season.

Tonight’s Crazy Ones has me curious as to where the show will go in the future, especially with Sydney and Andrew. The two have good chemistry, and I’d like to see how it affects them and the dynamics of the group in future episodes. I also noticed that Andrew, when wet, bears a striking resemblance to another actor I like- Christopher Jacot. It would be interesting if the show were to pull him in as a guest in a future episode as a relative of Andrew’s.

One of the best things about tonight’s episode was definitely the banter. It has become clear that the creative team at Lewis, Roberts + Roberts is a dysfunctional group, but they all care for each other. I also loved the moment between Simon and Sydney where he reminds his daughter that it’s all right to have a life outside of her work. It was touching and felt like something my dad would say to me regarding my own life.

As a final note, I hope you’ll all join me in congratulating The Crazy Ones for getting their full season pick up! I couldn’t be happier for the cast and crew of the show! In fact, why not show your support and watch (or rewatch) the show here. It’s absolutely worth it, and next week looks to be even more awkward and hilarious!

Did you see last night’s episode of The Crazy Ones? What did you think? Sound off in the comments.

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